History Final New

  1. TRUE about 100 years war
    • Joan of Arc
    • Edward the Black Prince
    • Edward III

    NOT Edward I
  2. The English in the 100 Years War were famous for their use of which tactic in warfare?
    Masses of archers using longbows
  3. French victory in 100 years war
    Oeleans 1429
  4. TRUE about Philip IV the Fair
    • Had important dispute with Pope Boniface VIII
    • When one of his advisors became Pope Clement V, the Babylonian Captivity began
    • Established Estates General similar to English Parliament

    NOT had Jan Hus burned at the stake
  5. Most likely to be a Catholic Saint
    Thomas Aquinas
  6. TRUE about rise of medieval trade
    • Crusades
    • Hanseatic League
    • Champagne fairs

    NOT Scholasticism
  7. Soon after 100 years war began which event shook Europe?
    Columbus discovered America
  8. When Isabella and Ferdinand were married they joined their kingdoms into a larger country known today as
  9. In the middle ages, a skilled artisan who worked for a daily wage would be
    A journeyman
  10. A series of civil wars between English nobles where many nobles were killed
    War of the Roses
  11. English set up massed archers using longbows behin defensive stakes. The charge of the French kinghts was broken by the hail of arrows and then English infantry finished the job.
    Battle of Crecy
  12. When Philip the Fair challenged the poope in 1302, he called for the first time
    The Estates General
  13. Edward I build many castles in order to control
  14. Pope Boniface VIII wrote Unam Sanctum which
    said that the pope is supreme over all other rulers
  15. Hapsburg family became powerful because of
    political marriage
  16. Vernacular language
    language used in everyday speech
  17. Council of constance was called
    to heal the Great Schism which created two popes
  18. Who wrote Cantebury Tales
    Geoffery Chaucer
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