1. paul o gorman building
    gt ormand street -next to main building
  2. melody lane
    highbury grove
  3. highbury self storage
    melody lane
  4. greenpeace
    cannonbury villas/ lol l halton st, l/r cross st
  5. packington sq
    packington st , l/r prebend street
  6. zenith bar
    packington st/ s.side on cnr of prebend st
  7. albion pub
    thornhill road
  8. london academy islington
    prebend street -just l of packington street
  9. chapel market
    liverpool road
  10. islington west library
    bridgeman road
  11. the hub
    york way -sdor n bound /lol 1st r wharfdale road
  12. waiting room bar
    york way/ caledonia street
  13. kings place
    york way -t/a wharfdale rd, crinan st, york way
  14. taxi cafe
    camley street
  15. renoir cinema
    brundswick sq
  16. jerusalem passage
    aylesbury street/ in from st john st
  17. school of pharmacy
    brundswick square
  18. giffin pub
    next to met office bang on roseberry ave jctn
  19. cavendish mansions
    clerkenwell road . sdol e bound past roseberry ave
  20. square pig restaurant
    procter st. red lion sq
  21. national hosp of nervous dieseases
    queen square somewhere!
  22. the lamb pub
    lambs conduit st
  23. ciao bella rest
    lambs conduit street
  24. mid city place
    high holborn
  25. royal college of anaesthists
    red lion sq
  26. kenilworth hotel
    gt. russsell st
  27. radission edwardian bloomsbury
    bloomsbury street sdor past gt. russel st
  28. rudy's revenge
    high holborn/ henrietta st
  29. la ballerina restaurant
    bow st- sdol n bound past floral st
  30. henry's bar/cafe
    henrietta street
  31. sophies restaurant
    wellington st/ tavistock st
  32. forge bar/rest
    floral street sdol
  33. lamb+flag pub
    rose street
  34. future gallery
    gt. newport street
  35. z soho hotel
    moor st- in from old comp st/ out via romilly st
  36. jewel bar ec3
    bottom of wood street sdol
  37. gunpowder square
    printer st/ east harding st
  38. the merchant centre
    new st sq
  39. mason + taylor restaurant
    bethnal green road -sdol e bound just past brick lane
  40. cafe boheme
    old compton st - (opp king edward theatre) sdor/ lor 1st r greek st
  41. simpsons restaurant
    starand sdol w bound - cant get from burleigh st
  42. pemberton house hotel
    east harding street
  43. one new change
    cheapside/ new change
  44. pinners hall
    old broad st sdol n bound
  45. mander organs
    st peters sq. - warner pl/ st peters close, l st peters ave, r st peters sq
  46. winkley street
    temple street - top is hackney rd, bottom is old bethnal green rd
  47. casa mexico
    temple st- (temple street - top is hackney rd, bottom is old bethnal green rd)
  48. goldsmith sq
    goldsmith row
  49. florida st
    squirres st
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