210 Prisoners

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  1. 210-01 Prisoners General - Where does the DESK OFFICER record any change of custody of a prisoner?
    in Command Log
  2. 210-01 Prisoners General Procedure - when do you advise prisoner of availability of clergy?
    whenever it appears prisoner is despondent, confused or likely to commit suicide
  3. 210-01 Prisoners General Procedure - When should you allow members of the Citizens’ Policy and Complaint Review Council to inspect precinct detention cells ?
    they are permitted to enter and inspect precinct detention cells and any books or records pertaining to these cells at any and all times
  4. 210-01 Prisoners General Procedure - All commands with detention cells will forward monthly report on Typed Letterhead addressed to WHO? And forwarded NO LATER THAN when? And listing WHAT?
    • -WHO-addressed to the Chief of Department (attention: Strategic Analysis Section)
    • -no later than the 15th day of the month
    • -listing WHAT-listing the number of male and female prisoners detained during the previous month. Negative reports are required
  5. 210-01 Prisoners General Procedure - Who is responsible to ensure that prisoners being processed will not be allowed in areas containing Department lockers, or have access to any Department or personal property that might provide a means of escape or cause injury?
    Commanding officers
  6. 210-01 Prisoners General Procedure - WHO will report the results of the annual prisoner security survey, AND by WHEN? addressed to WHO?
    • -Commanding officers
    • -WHEN September 30th, each year, on Typed Letterhead
    • -WHO the bureau chief concerned, through channels
  7. 210-01 Prisoners General Procedure - Included in the annual PRISONER SECURITY SURVEY will be what?
    a description of prisoner processing areas, hazards or deficiencies observed and corrective action taken
  8. 210-01 Prisoners General Procedure - where there is a substantial disruption in the availability of detention cells, at a command or a borough court section facility, caused by a civil or natural emergency, disturbance, or any other circumstance which would deny the use of the cells, the commanding officer/duty captain investigating the incident will
    ensure that a telephone notification is made to the borough court section. An UNUSUAL OCCURRENCE REPORT describing the incident will be faxed to the borough court section concerned
  9. 210-02 Hospitalized Prisoners - If visitors are likely to interfere with an ongoing investigation, the desk officer, precinct of arrest, will?
    consult with the investigative supervisor concerned before issuing anauthorization to visit the prisoner
  10. 210-02 Hospitalized Prisoners - DESK OFFICER,PRECINCT OF HOSPITALIZATION will notify commanding officer when?
    after being informed if prisoner is near death or will be totally incapacitated for a prolonged period of time
  11. 210-02 Hospitalized Prisoners - COMMANDING OFFICER,PRECINCT OF HOSPITALIZATION will have weekly telephone message sent to borough court section concerned, each ______, reporting prisoner’s condition
  12. 210-02 Hospitalized Prisoners - COMMANDING OFFICER,PRECINCT OF HOSPITALIZATION will have member guarding prisoner obtain copy of death certificate and direct desk officer to forward same to?
    Chief Clerk’s Office, borough Criminal Court concerned
  13. 210-02 Hospitalized Prisoners - who does the report if the prisoner is treated or hospitalized at other than a New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation facility?
    Where does it go?
    • - the desk officer, precinct of arrest
    • -in a sealed envelope to: New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation,Fiscal Affairs, General Accounting Department
  14. 210-03 Hospitalized Prisoners - Arrests by Members of Other - who will provide expertise in obtaining fingerprints, if normal means cannot be utilized?
    Identification Section
  15. 210-04 Prisioners Req Med & Psych Treatment RN 09-05
    How does a member assigned to deliver the medication to authorized physician indicate receipt thereof ?
    by requesting the physician to sign the member’s ACTIVITYLOG
  16. 210-04 Prisioners Req Med & Psych Treatment - When a prisoner dies, is seriously injured in connection with a police activity, or sustainsan injury resulting from a police firearms discharge, who does the DESK OFFICER notify?
    • -patrol borough
    • -Operations Unit
    • -commanding officer/duty captain
    • -Internal Affairs Bureau Command Center
    • -precinct detective squad
    • -and detective borough command.
  17. 210-05 Bedside Arraignment - who does the DESK OFFICER, PRECINCT OF DETENTION contact to determine how long prisoner will be confined for treatment?
    hospital administrator
  18. 210-05 Bedside Arraignment - who establishes communication with agencies and hospitals that may be involved in bedside arraignments, AND Maintains a file containing the telephone number(s) of individuals to be contacted when arranging for bedside arraignments?
  19. 210-06 Prisoners' Meals - Prinsoners' meal hours are?
    • between
    • -0500-0600
    • -1200-1300
    • -and 1800-1900 hours
  20. 210-07 Prisoners - Unusual Occurrence- COMMANDING OFFICER OR DUTY CAPTAIN
    -Forward ___ copies of report in all adult prisoner cases
    -______copy(s) of report for child in custody
    -and___ copies of report if child incustody dies
    (to Chief of Department, DIRECT)
    • -three (3) copies adult prisoner
    • -one (1) copy child in custody
    • - two (2) child incustody dies
  21. 210-12 Processing Prisoner When Bail Application Made - Where does he DESK OFFICER send messenger for deleivery of the CERTIFICATION OF CHARGES AGAINST PRISONER and prisoner’s rap sheet?
    judicial authority concerned
  22. 210-15 Release of Prisoners Arrested By Other Police
    Where does the PRECINCT COMMANDING OFFICER forward endorsed notification regarding release of Prisoner as per this procedure?
    Forward endorsed notification through channels to Criminal Justice Bureau and Identification Section
  23. 210-16 Release of Prisoner at the Complaint Room -
    Direct arresting officer to determine if prisoner has an active warrant
  24. 210-18 Debriefing of Prisoners - what is a POSITIVE DEBRIEFING?
    Specific information received from a prisoner regarding crime, criminal activity, or evidence related to a crime that is not related to the current arrest charges against the prisoner
  25. 210-18 Debriefing of Prisoners - DEBRIEFING MEMBER OF THE SERVICE will telephone who regarding the debriefing?
    Telephone the Regional Intelligence Support Center upon completion of debriefing to relay the basic information necessary for the preparation of an Intelligence Report.
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