Module 10 vocab.txt

  1. foramin-
    foramen; an opening in bone for passage of blood vessels or nerves
  2. lamin-
    lamina (pl. laminae); thin flat layer or membrane
  3. oste-
    bone (not oss-, osse-)
  4. oss-
    bone (not oste-, osse-)
  5. osse-
    bone (not oste-, oss-)
  6. crani-
    cranium; skull
  7. ethmoid-
    ethmoid bone; a �sieve-like� bone
  8. front-
    frontal bone; forehead bone
  9. mast-
    "mastoid process; a �breast-like� bone [a process is a projection or outgrowth of bone] [See Mod. 7]
  10. mastoid-
    "mastoid process; a �breast-like� bone [a process is a projection or outgrowth of bone]
  11. occipit-
    occiput; occipital bone
  12. pariet-
    parietal bone; a �wall� bone; any �wall� (of a cavity or organ)
  13. sphen-
    sphenoid bone; a �wedge-like� bone
  14. tempor-
    temporal bone; temple bone
  15. mal-
    cheek; cheek bone [See Mod. 7]
  16. zygomat-
    zygomatic bone; cheek bone (not zygomatic)
  17. zygomatic-
    zygomatic bone; cheek bone (not zygomat-)
  18. coccyg
    coccyx; tail bone
  19. rachi- [following a vowel, rachi- frequently becomes rrhachi-]
    spinal column
  20. spin-
    spinal column
  21. sacr-
  22. spondyl-
    vertebra (pl. vertebrae)
  23. vertebr-
    vertebra (pl. vertebrae)
  24. acromi-
    acromion; lateral projection of the shoulder blade
  25. cleid-
    clavicle; collar bone (not clavic-, clavicul-)
  26. clavic-
    clavicle; collar bone (not cleid-, clavicul-)
  27. clavicul-
    clavicle; collar bone (not clavic-, cleid-)
  28. cost-
  29. cox-
    hip; hip joint
  30. ili-
    ilium; upper pelvic bone
  31. ischi-
    ischium; lower pelvic bone
  32. scapul-
    shoulder blade
  33. stern-
    sternum; breast bone
  34. carp-
    carpus; carpal bone(s); wrist; wrist bone(s) [i.e., either the wrist joint or one or more of the bones which make up the wrist joint][See Mod. 12]
  35. humer-
    humerus; upper arm bone
  36. metacarp-
    metacarpal(s); bone(s) radiating from wrist to fingers
  37. olecran-
  38. phalang-
    phalanx (pl. phalanges); finger bone; toe bone
  39. radi-
    radius; the shorter of the lower arm bones
  40. uln-
    ulna; the longer of the lower arm bones
  41. acetabul-
    acetabulum; socket or depression of hip bone into which femur fits
  42. calcane-
    heel bone
  43. condyl-
    a knuckle (of the fingers or toes); the rounded protuberance at end of any bone which articulates with another bone; a condyle
  44. femor-
    femur; thigh bone
  45. fibul-
    fibula; smaller bone of lower leg
  46. malleol-
    malleolus; protuberance at each side of ankle
  47. patell-
    patella; knee cap
  48. tal-
    talus; ankle bone
  49. tars-
    tarsus; tarsal bone(s); ankle; ankle bone(s) [analogous to carpus, above]
  50. metatars-
    metatarsus; metatarsal bone; the bones radiating from the ankle to the toes
  51. tibi-
    tibia; shin bone; larger bone of lower leg
  52. fasci-
    fascia; sheet of connective tissue enclosing a muscle
  53. my-
    muscle (not myos-, muscul-)
  54. myos-
    muscle (not my-, muscul-)
  55. muscul-
    muscle (not my-, myos-)
  56. arthr-
    joint (not articul-)
  57. articul-
    joint (not arthr-)
  58. burs-
    bursa; sac of synovial fluid
  59. chondr-
    cartilage (not cartilag-, cartilagin-)
  60. cartilag-
    cartilage (not chondr-, cartilagin-)
  61. cartilagin-
    cartilage (not cartilag-, chondr-)
  62. desm-
    ligament (not syndesm-, ligament-)
  63. syndesm-
    ligament (not desm-, ligament-)
  64. ligament-
    ligament (not syndesm-, desm-)
  65. disk-
    disk; platelike structure
  66. fibr-
    fibrous tissue (not fibros-)
  67. fibros-
    fibrous tissue (not fibr-)
  68. synovi-
    synovial fluid; fluid that lubricates the joint(s); synovial membrane
  69. ten-
  70. ankyl-
    crooked; bent; stiff; fixed; fused; imperforated
  71. lei-
  72. phylact-
    protective of [with suffix -ic]; protective against [with suffix -ic]; protective by means of
  73. rhabd-
    rod; rod-shaped; skeletal; striated
  74. skelet-
  75. -agra
    sudden and severe pain in
  76. -asthenia
    absence of strength; weakness
  77. -clast
    instrument used to break
  78. -desis
    surgical immobilization; surgical fusion
  79. -ferous
    bearing; containing
  80. -paresis
    slight paralysis of
  81. -phylaxis
    protection of; protection against; protection by means of
  82. -sthenia
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