Rowan Child Development test 2

  1. After how many weeks do fetus' have all nuerons
    28 Weeks
  2. After all neurons are formed in a fetus' brain, what continues the maturation
    Mylination, more synapes
  3. What is the function of the frontal cortex?
    Personality and ability to carry out plans
  4. What is neuroplacisity
    Flexibility of the brain post injury
  5. What is the hearing range (auditory threshold) of a newborn
    Human voice
  6. What are the 3 types of memory
    • Working (short term)
    • Long Term
    • Sensory
  7. What are the 4 types of learning
    • Habituation
    • Classical Conditioning
    • Operant Conditioning
    • Orienting Response
  8. What is a phoneme
    Building Block of language
  9. What is a basic vs complex emotion
  10. What is social referencing?
    Mapping out others in enviorment
  11. How do infants regulate emotions
  12. What was John Bolbey (ethologist) famous for
    Theory of attachment- infant behavior is adaptive to enviorment
  13. What is the basic unit of the nervous system?
  14. What are the cerebral hemispheres
    Right and left halves of the cortex
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