Silas Marner 3

  1. remonterse
    • pronomial verb
    • 3. (en el tiempo)remontarse a to go o date back to; (hecho) to go back to (persona)
  2. perjuicio
    1. harm, damage causar perjuicios (a) -> to do harm o damage (to) ir en perjuicio de -> to be detrimental to la reforma educativa favorece a algunas asignaturas en perjuicio de otras -> the education reform favors some subjects at the expense of others lo haré, sin perjuicio de que proteste -> I'll do it, but I retain the right to make a complaint about it
  3. precipitar
    to hasten, to speed up (acelerar)
  4. prodigalidad
    • prodigality
    • the quality or fact of being prodigal; wasteful extravagance in spending. lavish abundance.
  5. ancha
    • Broad, large
    • Estar a sus anchas, to be at one’s ease, to be comfortable.
  6. gota
    • gout (enfermedad)
    • an acute, recurrent disease characterized by painful inflammation of the joints, chiefly those in the feet and hands, and especially in the great toe, and by an excess of uric acid in the blood.
  7. apoplejía
    • 1. apoplexy (medicine)
    • sudden loss of consciousness, often followed by paralysis, caused by rupture or occlusion of a blood vessel in the brain
  8. cocción
    feminine noun1. cooking (de alimentos); boiling (en agua); baking (en horno)
  9. untuoso, -a
    1. greasy, oily
  10. tocado
    • masculine noun
    • headgear (prenda)
    • hairdo (peinado)
  11. efímero
    • ephemeral
    • 1. lasting a very short time; short-lived; transitory: the ephemeral joys of childhood. 2. lasting but one day: an ephemeral flower.
  12. hilar
    1. To spin, to draw silk, cotton, etc., into thread.2. To argue, to discuss.Hilar delgado -> to split hairs3. To spin a cocoon (gusanos de seda).Máquina de hilar -> spinning machine
  13. artesonado
    • coffered ceiling (architecture)
    • Panelling, trelliswork: applied to ceillings.
  14. pendenciero, a
    • who always gets into a fight
    • Quarrelsome.
  15. acarrear
    • 1. to carry (transportar); to haul (carbón)
    • 2. to give rise to (ocasionar)
  16. aporter
    • 1. to provide (proporcionar)
    • 2. to contribute (contribuir con)
  17. mortecina
    1. Dying a natural death, moribund.2. Dying away or extinguishing; on the point of dying.3. (Low.) Weak (débil), exhausted.Hacer la mortecina -> to feign deathColor mortecino -> a pale or deadly color La luz mortecina del crepúsculo -> the fading glow of twilight
  18. desprovisto, -a
    lacking in, devoid of
  19. fornido, -a
    well-built, Robust, corpulent, lusty, stout.
  20. galgo
    Greyhound (perro). (m)Correr como un galgo -> to run like a hare
  21. despilfarrar
    • to squander (dinero); to waste (energía, agua)
    • To destroy or waste with slovenliness, of prodigality.
  22. esterlino
    Sterling (dinero).
  23. cacería
    • hunt (a caballo); shoot (con fusiles)
    • Hunting or fowling party. (f)Cacería de brujas -> witch-huntCacería de zorros -> fox huntOrganizar una cacería -> to organize a hunt
  24. salpicar
    1. to splash, to spatter (con líquido)el escándalo salpicó al presidente (en reputación) -> the president was tainted by the scandal 2. to pepper (diseminar)(de with)
  25. aflautado, -a
    • 1. high-pitched
    • 1. High, fluty (voz).
  26. ignorar
    • 1. not to know, to be ignorant of
    • (desconocer)
    • 2. to ignore
    • (no tener en cuenta)
  27. franquear
    • 1. to clear (paso, camino)
    • 2. to negotiate, to cross (río, montañas)franquear el umbral (también figurative) -> to cross the threshold
    • 3. to attach postage to (correo)
  28. jactarse
    1. to boast (de about o of)
  29. apaciguar
    1. to calm down (tranquilizar); to soothe (dolor)apaciguarse
  30. repisa
    • 1. shelf (estante); mantelpiece (sobre chimenea)
    • 2. bracket (architecture)
  31. acogotar
    To kill by a blow on the neck, to knock down.(coll.) To overcome a person.
  32. temible
    • 1. fearsome
    • 1. Dreadful, terrible, awful.
  33. desafiar
    1. to challenge (persona)desafiar a alguien a algo/a que haga algo -> to challenge somebody to something/to do something 2. to defy (peligro, ley)
  34. proceder
    • masculine noun
    • 1. conduct, behavior
  35. desarraigado, -a
    1. uprooted, rootless (persona)
  36. retoño
    • 1. sprout, shoot (botany)
    • 2. (hijo)mis retoños -> my offspring
  37. dable
    • Possible, feasible, practicable.
    • No es dable hacerlo -> it is not possible to do it
  38. vínculo
    1. link (lazo) (entre hechos, países); tie, bond (personal, familiar)2. entail (law)
  39. azar
    • masculine noun
    • 1. chance, fate al azar -> at random por (puro) azar -> by (pure) chance
  40. fiarse
    • pronomial verb
    • also: ¡no te fíes! -> don't be too sure (about it)!
    • fiarse de algo/alguien -> to trust something/somebody
  41. precipitarse
    pronomial verb1. to plunge (down) (caer)2. to speed up (acelerarse) (acontecimientos)3. to rush (apresurarse)(hacia towards) 4. to act rashly (obrar irreflexivamente)
  42. asomo
    • 1. trace, hint (indicio); glimmer (de esperanza)
    • ni por asomo -> not under any circumstances
  43. engatusar
    • 1. to sweet-talk (informal)engatusar a alguien para que haga algo -> to sweet-talk somebody into doing something
    • 1. To trick without intention; to rob or hurt, to coax.Engatusar a uno para que haga algo -> to coax somebody into doing something
  44. antepecho
    1. parapet (de puente); sill (de ventana)
  45. azote
    1. whip, scourge (utensilio para golpear)2. lash (latigazo); blow (golpe); smack, slap (en el trasero); scourge (figurative) (calamidad)
  46. surgir
    • 1. to spring forth (brotar)
    • 2. to appear (aparecer) surgió de detrás de las cortinas -> he emerged from behind the curtains
    • 3. to arise (producirse) se lo preguntaré si surge la ocasión -> I'll ask her if the opportunity arises nos surgieron varios problemas -> we ran into a number of problems me surge una duda -> I have one doubt
  47. porte-bonheur
    French for lucky charm
  48. confundir
    • to confuse, to mix up
    • to confound (abrumar) to bring to ruin : destroy
  49. estropear
    1. to break (aparato)2. to ruin (ropa, vista)el exceso de sol estropea la piel -> too much sun is bad for the skin 3. to ruin, to spoil (plan, cosecha)siempre tienes que estropearlo todo -> you always have to ruin everything 4. to age (envejecer)
  50. hosca
    adjective1. Dark brown (oscuro), livercolored.2. Sullen (persona), gloomy.3. Boastful, ostentatious, vainglorious, arrogant.
  51. pesar
    • masculine noun
    • 1. grief (tristeza)
    • 2. remorse (arrepentimiento)
  52. prosaico, -a
    1. mundane, prosaic (trivial); materialistic (materialista)
  53. cabalgar
    • 1. To parade on horseback, to go in a cavalcade.
    • 2. To get on horseback, to mount on horseback.
  54. embotado, -a
    1. dulled (sentidos); muzzy (cabeza)
  55. calamidad
    • noun
    • 1. Misfortune, calamity, misery, grievousness, mishap, oppression. (f)Es una calamidad -> it’s a great pity (suceso); it’s a nuisance (persona)Estar hecho una calamidad -> to be in a very bad way
  56. cepo
    • 1. trap (para cazar)
    • 2. wheel clamp (para vehículos)
    • 3. clamp (para sujetar)
    • 4. stocks (para presos)
  57. fango
    • 1. mud
    • 2. (deshonra)el escándalo le cubrió de fango -> the scandal sullied his reputation
  58. vedar
    • 1. to prohibit
    • 1. To prohibit (prohibir), to forbid.
    • 2. To obstruct, to impede (impedir); to suspend or deprive.
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