1. What Vitamins are fat soluble?
    • Vitamins:
    • D
    • E
    • A
    • K
  2. What vitamins are water soluble?
    • Vitamins:
    • C (ascorbic acid)
    • B vitamin group
  3. What are Vitamins?
    They are low molecular weight compounds that act mainly as enzyme cofactors
  4. Where are fat soluble vitamins absorbed?
    They are absorbed in the intestinal mucosa as part of the chylomicron complex.
  5. How long is Vitamin A stored for?
    Stored for > or equal to a year
  6. How long is Vitamin E stored for?
    Several months
  7. How long is Vitamin D and K stored for?
    Only stored for a few days or weeks
  8. What are the 3 active forms of Vitamin A?
    • Retinol
    • Retinal
    • Retinoic Acid
  9. Where is Vitamin A derived from?
    • Directly from dietary retinyl esters
    • Metabolism of dietary carotenoids (provitamin A), mainly Beta-carotene.
  10. What does Vitamin A help with?
    • It is important for vision- retinol binds to opsin forming rhodopsin, allowing dim light vision
    • Helps maintain epithelial cells- provides protection against infectious diseases
    • Has anti-cancer effects
  11. Where can you get Vitamin A?
    • Fruits
    • veggies
    • liver
    • dairy
  12. How is Vitamin E absorbed?
    • Associated with fat absorption
    • Around 40% is absorbed
    • Has antioxidant effects
  13. Where can you get Vitamin E from?
    • Meat
    • dairy foods
    • Whole grains
  14. What does Vitamin E help with?
    Muscle maintenance and antioxidant
  15. What are some Vitamin K facts?
    • Is involved in prothrombin synthesis
    • Required for synthesis of other clotting factors ( 7, 9, 10)
  16. What are the 2 forms of Vitamin K?
    • Phylloquinone (K1)
    • Menaquinones (K2)
  17. Where can you get Vitamin K from?
    • Intestinal bacteria
    • Liver
  18. Where can you get Vitamin D from?
    • Fortified milk
    • Sunshine
    • fish oils
  19. What is the main function of Vitamin D?
    • Adsorption of calcium and phosphate.
    • Helps with bone formation
  20. How are water soluble vitamins absorbed?
    • They are absorbed without the involvement of fat absorption.
    • Function as coenzymes
    • All Vitamins mus be metabolically converted to active forms except Vitamin C
  21. How long is Thiamine stored for?
    Only a few weeks
  22. How long is Vitamin B12 stored for?
    Several Years
  23. How long are the other B complex vitamins and Vitamin C stored for?
    < or equal to 3 months
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