Second Grade Geography

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  1. What is you address?
    ???? Mayfield Dr.
  2. What city do you live in?
  3. What school do you go to?
    Glenmoor Elementary
  4. What state do you live in?
  5. What country do you live in?
    United States of America
  6. What continent do you live on?
    North America
  7. What planet do you live on?
  8. Our country is made up of 50 parts. What are these parts called?
  9. The largest bodies of water on Earth are called ____.
  10. A ____ is a drawing of part of the Earth on a flat piece of paper.
  11. A map's symbols are small drawings of real things. What symbol might be used to show an airport?
    airplane or runway
  12. A capital city is where the ____ of the state is found.
  13. What is the capital of California?
  14. What are the largest bodies of land called?
  15. Is the United States a city, a state, or a country?
  16. Which map would show the most land -- one of a state or one of a city?
  17. Name two of the Earth's five oceans.
    Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Arctic, Southern
  18. Besides oceans, what other bodies of water can be found on Earth?
    streams, rivers, ponds, lakes
  19. Which as water all around it, a lake or an island?
  20. How many continents are there?
  21. Which usually has more people living in it, a city or a neighborhood?
  22. A globe is a model of the Earth. What color is usually used to show water on a globe?
  23. Which two states are not connected to the rest of the United States?
    Alaska and Hawaii
  24. Which ocean touches Alaska, the Atlantic or the Arctic?
    Arctic Ocean
  25. In which ocean do we find Hawaii?
    Pacific Ocean
  26. What is the capital city for all the United States?
    Washington D. C.
  27. What part of a map tells what the symbols mean?
    key or legend
  28. Name two of the seven continents?
    North American, South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia, Antarctica
  29. Is the state of North Dakota above or below the state of South Dakota?
  30. Is Canada a country, a city, or a state?
  31. Name a country besides the United States that is located in North America.
    Canada, Mexico, and countries in Central America.
  32. Is Canada or Mexico closer to where we live?
  33. Our flag has fifty stars on it. These stars are symbols for _____.
  34. What states border California?
    Oregon, Nevada, Arizona
  35. What direction is the Atlantic Ocean from the United States?
  36. Is there more land or water on Earth?
  37. Which state is surrounded by a large ocean?
  38. I am made up of fresh water. I have many fish and plants. I can be deep, but you can swim around my shores. What am I?
  39. Is Mexico in the United States?
  40. The words north, south, east, west are called ______.
  41. Do you live on the west coast or east coast of the United States?
    west coast
  42. Which ocean touches the California coast?
    Pacific Ocean
  43. Is the South Pole on a continent?
    yes, Antarctica
  44. Is the North Pole on a continent?
    no. it is ice/snow on top of water
  45. There are 5 big lakes along the northern part of the United States. What are they called?
    Think: HOMES
  46. If you are facing north. What direction is behind you?
  47. What line of longitude divides the earth into the eastern and western hemispheres?
    prime meridian
  48. Is Washington D.C. a city or a state?
  49. What do we call the imaginary line of latitude that divides the Earth into the northern and southern hemispheres?
  50. What is the weather like along the equator?
    hot. always closest to the sun.
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