MS Admin Chapter 1

  1. Choosing a Windows Server for large corporations depends on these three factors
    • - Hardware in the computers
    • - Features you require to run your server
    • - The price of the operatin system
  2. The 4 Basic Editions of Windows Server are
    • - Windows Web Server 2008
    • - Windows Server Standard 2008
    • - Windows Server Enterprise 2008
    • - Windows Server Datacenter 2008
  3. What is Server Core?
    Stripped Down Version of the Operating System using Command Prompt
  4. What programs run in Windows Server Core
    • - Notepad
    • - Registry Editor
    • - Task Manager
  5. What does MAP stand for?
    Microsoft Assessment and Planning Solution Accelerator
  6. What does MAP do?
    Evaluates the software and hardware of each computer and puts it in a report
  7. What are the Requirements for MAP?
    • - Microsoft Office 2007 or 2003
    • - Microsoft Server SQL
  8. What does WDS Stand for?
    Windows Deployment Services
  9. What is WDS?
    Allows you to perform Unattended Installation of Windows Operating System on remote computer using network based boot
  10. What are the Prequisites to WDS?
    • - Active Directory
    • - DHCP
    • - DNS
    • - NTFS Supported Drive
  11. What 2 files are required to perorm WDS remote Installation
    • - Boot Image
    • - Install Image
  12. What is a Boot Image?
    • - The boot files to initate a Windows OS Installation
    • - You can Modify single files and then compile
  13. What file does boot image create and where?
    • - Boot.wim
    • - located in the \sources
  14. What is a Install Image?
    Contains the OS Image that you will install on the computer
  15. What file does Install Image create and where?
    • - Install.wim
    • - \sources folder
  16. What is difficult about creating a Windows OS Image?
    • - Licensing
    • - Network Info
    • - IP Config, Name, etc.
  17. What tool do you use to create an install image?
    - ImageX.exe
  18. How do you use imageX.exe?
    - Boot into Windows PE and runs from Command Line
  19. What other method than ImageX.exe can you use to make an image?
    Windows Deployment Services (WDS)
  20. What is Sysprep.exe?
    Removes the elements such as IP config, name, SID and Driver Cache on a new install image
  21. What is Preboot Execution Enviroment? (PXE)
    Instead of booting from a local hard drive, it retrieves the boot files to install a new image from the server
  22. What is an Anwser File?
    A Script containg all the answers to the installation process of Windows OS
  23. How do you create a new Answer File?
    Use Windows System Image Manager (SIM)
  24. What 2 Answer files must you have?
    • - WDS Client Answer File
    • - Operating System Anwser File
  25. What is WDS Client Answer File?
    Automates the WDS client Procedure that beings when the client compuer loads the boot image file
  26. What is Operating System Anwser File?
    Answer file for a standard operating system installation, which contains all the answers.
  27. What is AIK stand for?
    Windows Automated Installation Kit
  28. What is Windows Automated Installation Kit?
    Set of tools and documents that enable network admins to plan create and deploy a image to new computers
  29. What are the Primary tools included in a Windows Automated Installation Kit? (AIK)
    • - ImageX.exe
    • - Windows PE
    • - Windows RE
    • - Windows System Image Manager
  30. What are the steps in a image deployment process
    • - Build a Lab Environment
    • - Create an Anwser File
    • - Build a Master Installation
    • - Create an Image
    • - Deploy the Image
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