1. Italy's 2 large islands
    Sicily and Sardinia
  2. 4 seas that border Italy
    • Tyrrhenian
    • Adriatic
    • Ionian
    • Ligurian

  3. 2 Italian volcanoes
    Mount Etna and Mount Vesuvius
  4. The higest mountain in Italy is ______ and is located in ________
    • Mount Etna located in Sicily
    • the mountain is still active
  5. Mount Vesuvius is located near ____ and is most famous for __________________________
    • Naples
    • most famous for erruption that destroyed cities Pompeli and Herculaneum
  6. 2 Italian mountain ranges _______________.
    Which is called the Dolomites? Which is known as the "spine of Italy"?
    The Alps and the Apennines

    The Dolomites are the eastern Alps

    The Apennines are known as Italy's spine
  7. The largest plain region in Italy
    the Po valley
  8. Ready
    • Rome
    • Milan
    • Venice
    • Turin
    • Naples
    • Florence
  9. The capital of Italy and the Lazia region
  10. this city is also called the "Eternal city" and it's famous monument is the Colosseum
  11. The Vatican city is a soverign city-state within the city of _____. It is the seat of __________________.
    • Rome
    • the Roman Catholic Church (not part of Italy)
  12. This city is the capital of the region lombardia in nothern Italy.
  13. The Last Supper is from the capital city _________ of the _________ region. This city is also the capital of fasion.
    Milan of the Lombardia region
  14. the _________________ is the oldest shopping mall in the world. It is located in the capital _______ of the Lombardia region.
    • Galleria Vittorio Emanuele
    • Milan
  15. ________ is the capital of Campania in southern Italy. It is situated at the foothills of Mount _______.
    • Naples
    • Mt. Vesuvius
  16. ______ is the capital of Piedmont in northern Italy. It is famous for the headquarters of _____________.
    • Turin
    • famous for Fiat and Lancia
  17. _________ is the first capital of unified Italy.
  18. ________ is the capital od Veneto in northeast Italy. The venetian lagoon is in the ______sea.
    • Venice
    • Adriatic Sea
  19. This city is famous for canals, bridges, and gondolas. The city is also known for the Carnevale.
  20. This city was the center of commerce in the Middle Ages and during the Renaissance.
  21. This city is famous for the Piazza San Marco.
    Venice of Veneto
  22. Is the capital of Tuscany in central Italy. It is located on the banks of the Arno River.
  23. Dante Alighieri was born in ____________. He is the father of the _______________.
    • Florence of Tuscany.
    • Dante Alighieri is the father or the Italian language.
  24. This city is the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance.
  25. Florence is most famous for this monument.
    Santa Maria del Fiore
  26. During the Republic, Rome was governed by _________
    the Senate
  27. Many legal systems today are based on ancient Roman Law
  28. One of the most famous lawyers in Rome
  29. The finest dome built in Rome
  30. Romes finest amphiatheater
    the Colosseum
  31. A famous Roman road which is still in use
    Via Appia : "The Appian Way"
  32. Who founded Carthage in N. Africa?
    The Phoenicians
  33. the _____ founded colonies in Sicily and southern Italy
  34. who founded Magna Graecia
    The Greeks. It means "greater Greece"
  35. According to the legend, Rome was founded by these 2 brothers.
    Romulus and Remus
  36. Of the 2 brothers, _____ became the first king of rome.
    _______ gave the city its name.
    • Romulus
    • Romulus
  37. ________ was the last king before Rome became a republic
  38. When Romulus and Remus were babies, the were abandoned on the banks of the Tiber river. They were rescued by a _______
  39. The history of Rome is divided into 3 periods
    • Monarchy
    • Republic
    • Empire
  40. Rome was ruled by ___ ______ during the Republic
    two consuls
  41. Patricians
    members of aristocracy
  42. The plebeians
    the common people
  43. Since the plebeian were in conflict with the patricians because they wanted to be involved in the government, the legal code called _______ was developed; gave the plebeians a role in politics
    Law of the Twelve Tables
  44. ________ represented the foundation of Roman Law
    Law of the Twelve Tables
  45. The Roman general who conquered Gual
    Julius Caesar
  46. became the first dictator of the Roman republic
    Julius Caesar
  47. How did Julius Caesar die?
    Stabbed to death by a group of senators who did not agree with his dictatorship
  48. Julius Caesar's death caused what event to occur?
    The Republic collapsed after a civil war that follwed his death
  49. Rome's first emperor
  50. Romulus Augustus was desposed by _________
    Odoacer the babarian leader
  51. The western part of the empire fell due to:
    invasions of Barbaric tribes
  52. The first Christian Empire
  53. what is como?
    a lake in Northern Italy
  54. The significance of Pellegrino Artusi ?
    • a person who marked the first tendencies toward a culinary unity
    • 1891 he published a cookbook
  55. who produced the first national cookbook, read all over Italy, from north to south.
    Pellegrino Artusi
  56. Decribe food from Northern Italy
    • generally heavier
    • butter is used alot for cooking
    • People eat
    • more meat and dairy produce, as well as stuffed egg pasta, such as ravioli or tortellini
    • Rice and corn are very important ingredients
  57. What is risotto and polenta ? what region is it popular in?
    • Risotto is a rice dish
    • Polenta is a corn dish
    • both rice and corn dishes are popular in N Italy
  58. What differs in pasta from North to South Italy?
    • Pasta in the North is stuffed with egg
    • Pasta from the South is not, only wheat
  59. What area of Italy has a commonality of spices?
    southern Italy likes using spices more
  60. The most basic ingredient in Southern Italy cooking is?
    olive oil
  61. In the south what is the trend which describes how meats are eatten?
    • meat is eatten less
    • fish is eatten more
  62. It is evident that influence from the ___________ is in southern Italy's cooking. One example is?
    • Arab culture
    • cuscus
  63. What is the most famous Southern Italian Dish?
  64. some Italians like to have breakfast in a coffee shop called?
  65. the Italians start the day with?
    a cup of coffee, espresso
  66. for the Italians breakfast is very ______
  67. what is a tavola calda?
    For lunch in big cities, workers eat at a tavola calda, which is a kind of self-serve restaurant
  68. what is a trattoria?
    a small restaraunt where food is cooked fresh
  69. Italians like to eat sandwhiches called?
  70. When Italian children come home from school in the afternoon they like to eat?
    a snack called merenda
  71. A traditional Italian meal (lunch or dinner) consists of 4 courses:
    • antipasto: appetizers of salami and ham or a salad.
    • primo piatto: the first course consisting of soup, risotto, or pasta
    • secondo piatto: or a second course of meat or fish served with vegetables
    • Finally some cheese, followed by fruit or a dessert. At the very end, they can have a cup of espresso as well.
  72. What was "Carboneria"?
    • a secret organization which preserved ideas of democracies
    • masterminded organized revolts
    • members were called Carbonari
  73. 3 important men who played a role in the unification of Italy?
    • Giuseppe Mazzini
    • Giuseppe Garibaldi
    • Victor Emanuel
  74. Count Camillo di Cavour
    He became the first Prime Minister of Italy in 1861
  75. Who was Pellegrino Artusi?
    • he marked the culinary unity
    • he wrote the first National cookbook in 1891
    • a cookbook which became very polular
  76. Italy cuisine in the North was always connected to these countries.
    Germany and France
  77. Generally, food in the North has these 2 characteristics.
    • food is heavier
    • people use a lot of butter
  78. Olive oil is the used quite frequently in this region of Italy.
    • The south of Italy
    • The north likes to use butter
  79. This area of Italy consumes stuffed egg pasta such as ravioli and tortellini
    The north
  80. What is risotta and polenta? where is it popular?
    • Risotta is made with rice
    • Polenta is made with corn
    • These dishes are popular in the North because corn and rice are typical ingredients in the north
  81. Which Italians eat more meat and dairy products?
    people from the north
  82. These Italians like to use spices and eat cuscus.
    The southern Italians, they are influenced by Arabic culture
  83. Pizza was a term used by the Napolitans to decribe this type of bread
    a tart made of thin crust seasoned with almond and figs
  84. Pizza only became popular in all of Italy after this event
  85. In the mornings, some Italians go to a place called a bar. What is this?
    a coffee shop where italians can have breakfast
  86. What is a trattoria?
    a small restaurant where food is cooked fresh
  87. What is a Tavola Calda
    workers in the big city go to a self-erve restaurant called a Tavola Calda
  88. Italian children eat something called a merenda. What is this?
    A merenda is a snack Italian children eat after school
  89. What is antipasto? When is it served?
    • Antipasto is similar to an appetizer.
    • Salami and ham or a salad
  90. Whatever Italians eat they drink one of two things.
    • A bottle of Italian wine
    • bottled mineral water
  91. who is Dante Alighieri?
    • the father of the Italian language
    • he wrote La Divina Commedia
  92. Who was Franseco Petrarca
    Fanseco Petrarca developed the form of poetry called the Sonnet
  93. This famouns Tuscan write and friend of Petrarca wrote the Decameron
    Giovanni Boccaccio
  94. The official dialect of unifid Italy was?
    The Tuscan dialect
  95. Why are some Italian dialects so different from each other?
    due to the geography of Italy, it really promotes isolation
  96. In Italy, people along the border often speak the languages of bordering countries. What are these four languages
    • German
    • Croation
    • French
    • Slovanian
  97. This region has old communites of Greeks and Albanians where Greek and Albanian are spoken.
    South Italy has old communities of Greek and Albanian
  98. A major influence on the Italian languae. This influence accounts for __% of the language.
    • English
    • 4% of the vocabulary
  99. In the following years political life was marked by these 3 parties?
    • Christian Democrats
    • Communist Party
    • Socialist Party
  100. IN 1946 Italy decided to be ge governed by this system
    A republic
  101. In 1947 the new____ was passed. Unlike Canada, Italy has a _______, like Canada, Italy has a ___________
    • Constitution
    • President
    • Prime Minister
  102. Italy has a parliament which consists of?
    • A Senate
    • A chamber of Deputies
  103. Italy after WWI turned to this charismatic political leader. Why?
    • Benito Mussolini
    • In hopes to revitlize the economy
  104. This man was known as "Il Duce" What was his fate?
    • Il Duce was Benito Mussolini
    • He was captured and executed by Italian communists near Lake Como
    • He was taken to Milan where his body was hung for display
  105. This man discovered North America
    Amerigo Vespucci
  106. This man explored the early east coast of Canada
    Giovani Caboto
  107. 4 huge changes to Italy after WWII
    • Italy became a major Industrial Power
    • Emmigration
    • Internal Immigration
    • Urbanization
  108. Urbanization after WWII brought about a change in womens status. How so?
    Women joined the work force thus, families suffered. Marriage numbers dropped
  109. What is the dominant element of social life in Italy, despite all of it's changes
    The family
  110. 2 important features of Italian families
    • lowest birthrates
    • the period where young Italians live with their parents is very extended, often until marriage
  111. 4 laws that changes the status of women after WWII
    • The Divorce Law
    • Family Law (gender equality)
    • Law legalizing abortion
    • Workplace anti-discrimination Law
  112. A university degree is called a
  113. almost all university exams consist of
    • a written exam
    • an oral exam
  114. Elementary school has _ grades
    Middle schools have _ grades

    These schools are optional/mandatory
    • Elementary has 5 grades
    • Middle has 3 grades

    both are mandatory
  115. Senior High school can be taken in these two differnt routes
    • 1) a Liceo : Science, Classical, Linguistic, Artistic
    • 2) Technical or Professional Instutute: specialize in vocational training
  116. What is a Liceo
    a 5 year secondary school where students prepare for university
  117. When do students have to write their maturity exam?
    • after senior high school
    • a written and oral exam
    • they need it to graduate
  118. a requirement to graduate University
    students must write a thesis
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