1. what is the minimum number of computers needed for a computer network?
  2. what is a privately-owned network whose access is restricted to authorized personnel is called?
  3. what type of network environments consist of computer systems from different vendors that run different operating systems and communication protocols?
    Heterogeneous Network
  4. what type of network is made up of components from the same vendor or compatible equipment that all run under the same operating system or network operating system?
    Homogeneous network
  5. what is a communications network that serves users within a confined geographical area?
    Local Area Network (LAN)
  6. what type of communications network links a broad geographical region?
    Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)
  7. what type of communications network links different interconnected networks over an unlimited geographical region?
    Global Area Network (GAN)
  8. how many users are nomally in a peer to peer network?
  9. how many users are in a single server network?
  10. how many users are in a multi-server network?
  11. how many users are in a multi server high speed backbone network?
  12. what type of communications network links geographically dispersed offices in other cities or around the globe?
    Enterprise Network
  13. what is used to identify network nodes on a physically connected network?
    Media access control address
  14. how many octets is the standard internet protocol broken down into?
  15. what is the binary equivalent to the dotted decimal number 96?
  16. what is the network id of IP address
  17. what is the host id of IP address
  18. how many bits are typically covered in an IPv6 subnet mask?
  19. what series of AF instruction series covers communications and information?
  20. what air force instruction provides policy, direction, and structure for the air force global information grid (AF-GIG)?
    AFI 33-115v1
  21. according to the air force network structure, what tier is the air force network operations center (AFNOSC)?
  22. what network entitiy provides reliable, secure networks and network services for base level customers?
    Network Control Center (NCC)
  23. what is defined as a bundle of application software designed to significantly improve network efficiency and productivity?
    Network Management Server
  24. which of the following are the three most common network management architectures?
    Centralized, Hierarchical, and Distributed
  25. what network architecture has a network mangement platform on one computer system at a location that is responsible for all network mangement duties?
  26. what network architecture use multiple systems for network mangement, with one system acting as a central server and the other working as clients?
  27. What level of network mangement activity are you working at when you as the network manager are monitoring and troubleshooting components to eliminate the side-effect alarms and isolate problems to a root cause?
  28. what level of network mangement activity are you working at when the automated monitoring of components provides problem analysis, giving a root cause alarm for the problem at hand?
  29. performance mangement can be broke into what two separate functional categories?
    Monitoring and tuning
  30. which function of performance mangement tracks historical data by tracking activites on the network?
  31. what network management area is concerned with controlling access points to information?
  32. what is the established to distinguish between errors that fall within a normal range and excessive errors because of a fault?
    Tolerance Parameter
  33. network mangement protocols are designed(in most cases) to reside above what layer of the OSI model?
  34. what is a hierarchical structured format that defines the network mangement information available from network devices?
    Management Information Base
  35. what area of the simple network mangement protocol (SNMP) tree structure is reserved for vendors related label and leaf objects associated with specific manufactured equipment?
  36. what SNMP node is responsible for monitoring, collecting, and reporting management data to the management system?
  37. what operational SNMP message asks for a specific instance of management information?
  38. what operational SNMP message is used to retrieve multiple pieces of info with minimal overhead?
  39. what operational SNMP message is used to modify the value of one or more instances of management info?
  40. what operational SNMP message is an unsolicited message from an agent to the manager?
  41. what is the type of probe that collects interdevice connectivity info using proprietary topology management info bases (MIB)?
    Neighbor Probe
  42. what is the centerpiece of a systems management automated report tracking system (SMARTS) application?
    Domain manager
  43. what component of the SMARTS application contains knowledge of available domain managers?
  44. what are the 3 types of SMARTS notifications?
    compound events, problems, and symptomatic events.
  45. what color on the SMARTS alarm log indicates one or more events?
  46. how many diff categories of info does the performance monitor provide you about your network?
  47. what device provides a capability for digital network diagnostics and developing communications software?
    Protocol analyzer
  48. what provides info concerning the network utilization and frame errors that are related to a specific protocl?
    protocol statistics
  49. what reports errors that occur at the physical layer such as bad frame check sequence (FCS), short frames, and jabbers?
    Media Access Control (MAC) node statistics
  50. what automatically runs in the background when the protocol anaylyzer application is activated?
    Node Discovery
  51. what provides info concerning the bandwidth utilization and the number of connections that are related to specific nodes?
    Connections Statistics
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