Self Care

  1. OTCs are ______________________________ on the bases of their labeling alone (if taken properly)
    safe and effective for consumers to use
  2. T/F OTC labels must be more detailed than Rx drugs so the consumer can properly use the product
    • T
    • Active and Inactive ingredients
  3. What are all the things that an OTC label should include?
    • Product name, statement of indentity
    • Active ingredients: purpose, dosage, dose form, and net quantity
    • Uses
    • Warnings
    • Name/location of manufacturer
    • Directions for use
    • Expiration date and lot number or batch code
    • Description of tamper resistant features
  4. What are the two exceptions that do not require to have the required things on an OTC label
    • If there is no toxic dose can be taken as much as want without overdosing
    • If the expiration date is greater than 3 years
  5. Where should should medication be stored?
    • Away from heat and humidity exposure
    • Store in cool dark, dry place
    • Out of reach of children
    • Check expiration dates
  6. What are the opportunities for medication errors?
    • Consumers have limited reading skill or illiterate
    • Language barriers
    • Poor vision
    • Inadequate lighting to read
    • Uneducated on proper use
    • Handle or store product improperly
  7. QuEST
    • Quickly and accuratly assess patient
    • Establish the patient is an appropiate candidate for self-care
    • Suggest appropiate treatment stategies
    • Talk with the patient
    • Symptoms: what are the main and associated symptoms
    • Characterisics: describe the situation, is it changing
    • History: What has been done so far? Has it happened before?
    • Onset: When did it start? Does it come and go?
    • Location: Where is the problem?
    • Aggravating factors: What makes it worse?
    • Remitting factors: What makes it better?
  9. Qu
    • Introduce yourself
    • 1st open ended question: What may i help you with today
    • Begin assessment process: 2nd open ened question, use scholar
  10. E (Quest)
    • Patient assessment
    • Refer if:
    • The symptoms are too severe to be endured without definitve diagnosis and treatment
    • The symptoms result from an identifiable cause
    • Symptoms return
    • Unsure of diagnosis
    • The patient is elderly, pregnant, under the age of 2
    • Patient is trying to avoid going to the doctor
    • Symptoms are refractory to OTC treatment
  11. S (Quest)
    • Purpose: resolve drug therapy problems, Meet goals for each medical condition, Prevent future drug therapy problems
    • Select self-treatment: medication, alternative treatment, non-pharmacologic treatment, general care measures
    • Advise the pt on: reason for self treatment, description of drug or treatment, administration of treatment, what to expect from treatment
  12. T (Quest)
    • Follow-up
    • Explain to pt why you have chosen a particular treatment
    • Advise pt on when to expect results from the treatment
    • Discuss what to do if pt does not see results
    • Decide on necessity of follow-up visits
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