Neuro exams

  1. pterygium
    Benign growth of the conjunctiva. Medial side usually.
  2. arcus senilis
    • White or grey opaque ring in the corneal margin that can be caused by high cholesterol in the blood.
    • Appears similar to limbus sign which deals with calcium.
  3. Contraindications for mydriatic drops
    • 1. Head injury and coma, where continous observation of pupillary rxn is important.
    • 2. Any suspicion of narrow-angle glaucoma.
  4. Red reflex
    • with ophthalmoscope in which the reddish orange reflection from the eyes retina means normal.
    • Can detect retinoblastoma or cataracts.
  5. Horners syndrome
    Ptosis, myosis, anhydrosis. Sympathetic injury anywhere from hypothalamus through brainstem and reticulospinal tract through to T3 to the sympathetic ganglia and up to the eye.
  6. Dilated and fixed pupil
    • Parasympathetic paralysis of compressed CN 3.
    • Seen in uncal herniation syndrome, raised ICP, aneurysm, tumor.
  7. Motor for trigeminal nerve
    • In the mid pons
    • controls masseter, temporalis and pterygoids.
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Neuro exams
Neuro exams