History test 1

  1. What is the name for people that built houses made out of dirt bricks?
  2. Chinese organized into crime groups known as ______.
  3. Chinese were often indentured servants known as _______.
  4. What banned the chinese from immigrating to the U.S. for 10 years?
    Chinese exclusion act
  5. The transcontinental railroad came together at _____________.
    Promontary Point, Utah
  6. What was concentration policy?
    Forcing indians onto reservations, it's easier to feed them than to fight them
  7. What event killed 700 whites in Minnesota and was lead by Little Crow?
    Eastern Sioux Uprising
  8. What was the event where soldiers got drunk and killed over 200 women and children of Black Kettle's tribe?
    • Sand Creek Massacre
    • Chivington Massacre
  9. What was Fetterman's Massacre?
    Cpt. Fetterman was baited by Crazyhorse to cross the Lodge Trail Ridge then walked into an ambush by Red Cloud.
  10. Gold was discovered in the black hills which lead to the ____________________.
    Battle of little big horn, lead by sitting bull
  11. While attempting to capture the Chiricahua Indians lead by ____________ we used 10,000 soldiers to capture _____ and moved them to Pensacola, then Oklahoma and finally free again.
    • Geronimo
    • 30 Indians
  12. When 350 starving and freezing indians got rounded up then where slaughtered, this was known as __________.
    Wounded knee
  13. Who set up the first transatlantic telegraph cable?
    Cyrus Winfield
  14. Who invented the telephone?
    Alexander Graham Bell
  15. Who invented the light bulb?
    Thomas Edison
  16. Who was responsible for the steel mill?
    Henry Bessemer
  17. Who developed the first oil well in Titusville, PA?
    Edwin L. Drake
  18. Who started Standard Oil Company in Spindle Top, TX?
    John D. Rockafeller
  19. Who invented the airplane?
    Wilbur and Orville Wright
  20. Where was the first flight?
    Kitty Hawk, NC
  21. Who was the first president to fly on _______, the Wright brothers plane.
    Teddy Rosevelt, Flyer
  22. Who developed the first car in Springfield, Mass?
    Frank and Charles Duryea
  23. Who was a big railroad monopoly character?
    Cornelius Commodore Vanderbilt
  24. Who owned steel corporation?
    Andrew Carnegie
  25. Who did Andrew Carnegie seel steel corporation to?
    J.P. Morgan
  26. What was the Sherman anti-trust act?
    Prohibited monopolies and trust
  27. What was the best labor union and who started it?
    • American Federation of Labor
    • Samuel Gompers
  28. People who did favors for immigrants such as giving them jobs and places to live were known as _____________.
    urban bosses
  29. Who developed modern day baseball?
    Alexander Cartwright
  30. Who is the father or modern football?
    Walker Camp
  31. Who invented basketball?
    Dr. James A Naismith
  32. Who was the first black boxing champ?
    Jack Johnson
  33. Who invented motion pictures?
    Thomas Edison
  34. Who wrote the book "The Jungle" that resulted with the creation of the food and drug administration?
    Upton Sinclair
  35. One of our nations best athletes, ______________ went to the Carlisle Indian Industial School.
    Jim Thorpe
  36. Stalworts used the ______ system.
  37. Liberal republicans that vowed to support honest democrats were called __________.
  38. Half-breeds supported _________________ reform.
    civil service
  39. Who won the election of 1880?
    James Garfield
  40. Who was James Garfield's Vice President?
  41. What is the name of the person that assassinated Presdient Garfield?
    Charles Guitean
  42. Who took office when President Garfield was shot?
    Vice President Chester Arthur
  43. What act passed in 1883 created the civil service commision, which required taking tests where the top scorers got the jobs?
    Pendleton act
  44. Who won the election of 1884?
    Grover Cleveland
  45. Who was the second bachleor president, got married in office and had a baby named Ruth?
    Grover Cleveland
  46. Who won the 1888 election by electoral vote, even though he lost the popular vote?
    Benjamin Harrison
  47. Which act raised property tarriff to highest level in U.S. history?
    McKinley Tarriff Act
  48. Who won the election of 1892? The only president to serve two non-consecutive terms.
    Grover Cleveland
  49. The female activist for farmers alliances, knicknamed the "kansas cyclone's" real name was ___________.
    Mary E. Lease
  50. Who won the election of 1896?
    William McKinley
  51. What was made to save time to get the Navy from one side of the U.S. to the other?
    Panama Canal
  52. Who was the Queen that became resistant to Americans in Hawaii?
    Queen Liliuokalani
  53. Who was the leader of Cuba Libre?
    Jose Marti
  54. Which ship was blown up after a letter by a Spanish minister was stolen by a Cuban agent?
    U.S.S. Maine
  55. Who was the comander of the Pacific Fleet promoted to Admiral, who was also the first war hero of the Spanish American war?
    Commodore George Dewey
  56. Who was the group of mix and match soldiers put together and lead by Teddy Roseevelt and assembled in the Merger Hotel?
    Rough Riders
  57. Which Treaty ended the Spanish American wars?
    Treaty of Paris
  58. Which act ended military rule and established colonial government?
    Foraker Act
  59. Which act made Puerto Rico a U.S. Territory?
    Jones act
  60. Who won the election of 1900?

    Who was his V.P.?
    William McKinley

  61. What ammendment banned Cuba from making treaties with any other nation while also allowing the U.S. to establish a naval base in Cuba?
    Platt Ammendment
  62. Who was the Philipino rebel leader during the Phillipines war?
    Emilio Aguinaldo
  63. What was the name for the rebellion where highly trained martial arts experts went to Bejing and killed hundreds?
    Boxer Rebellion
  64. Who was the secretary of war the was in charge of re-vamping the military, created the army staff college, established Joint Chiefs of staff and army war college?
    Elihu Root
  65. What did Teddy Roosevelt call the crusading journalists?
  66. Who were two main writers for McClures magazine?
    Ida Tarbell and Lincoln Steffens
  67. What was the name of houses where social workers lived and during the day immigrant children would come in to learn about American customs?
    Settlement houses
  68. Who was the director of the Hull House?
    Jane Adams
  69. What was the name of people who felt women do not need to vote?
  70. What does NAWSA stand for?
    National American Women Sufferage Association
  71. Which ammendment gave women the right to vote?
  72. What was it called when civilians brought up a subject to vote for and make it law?
  73. What was it called to re-vote on something that has been established as a law?
  74. What was it called when they voted out an official that had betrayed public trust?
    Recall vote
  75. What was the name of the factory in which 146 women died due to being locked in to ensure they worked their full hours?
    Triangle Shirtwaist Factory
  76. Who was the first black man to graduate from Harvard with a P.h.D. and believed all negros should get a full college degree?
    W.E.B. DuBois
  77. What was the name of the movement that created the NAACP?
    Niagra Movement
  78. Who were two women that were activists for temperance?
    Frances Willar

    Carrie Nation"Hatchetation"
  79. What ammendment created prohibition?
  80. Who is the "Great Commoner" who lost to McKinnley in the elecetion of 1896 and 1900?
    William Jennings Bryan
  81. Who was the president of the Socialist Party of America?
    Eugene V. Debs
  82. What was the name of the leader of the Industrial Workers of the World?
    Big Bill Haywood
  83. The leaders of what labor "union" were all arrested due to causing a timber strike during WWI?
    Industrial Workers of the World
  84. What was the 17th ammendment to the constitution?
    Senators who were previously chosen by state legislature are now chosen by popular vote.
  85. Who assassinated McKinley?
    Leon Czolgorz
  86. Who won the election of 1904?
    Teddy Roosevelt
  87. Which president promised Americans a "Square Deal", created the Hepburn act, Pure food and drug act, and meat inspection act?
  88. Which President established the open door policy?
  89. What was the great white fleet?
    16 battle ships painted all white as a sign of peace that spent two years sailing around the world to show American Naval strength.
  90. What is the Roosevelt Corolary?
    An addition to the monroe doctrine that allows us to take over a country in the western hemisphere to get their financials straight.
  91. Who was the first candidate to "Run for Office?"
    William Jennings Bryan
  92. Who won the election of 1908?
    William Howard Taft "American Bison"
  93. Who won the election of 1912?
    Woodrow Wilson
  94. Who was the only president to earn a Ph.D.?
    Woodrow Wilson
  95. What was the nickname for the progressive party in which Roosevelt ran?
    Bullmoose party
  96. What was the 16th amendment?
    Graduated income tax
  97. What was the name of the mexican guerilla fighter that killed lots of Americans?
    Poncho Villa
  98. What was the name of the General in charge of finding Poncho Villa?
    John Pershing
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