Bed mobility.txt

  1. How do you move a patient side to side from a supine position?
    • hands under head and upper body, support head..slide toward you
    • hands under the trunk and distal to the pelvis..slide toward you
    • hands under thighs and legs..slide toward you
  2. How do you move a patient upward while in a supine position?
    • bring pt closer to edge of bed first
    • flex pts hips and knees
    • stand in a side lunge postition
    • support pts head a chest with your arms (your chest close to their chest)
    • move patient up
  3. How do you position a pt in a sidelying position from supine?
    • pt needs to be close to edge
    • turn pt TOWARDS you
    • cross legs
    • hold at shoulders and pelvis area, and pull gently towards you
  4. How do you move a patient into prone position from supine?
    • move pt closer to one side
    • roll pt TOWARD you
    • roll as in sidelying
    • roll onto stomach, fix arms
  5. How do you put a pt in sitting postion from supine?
    • move close to one edge
    • roll onto sidelying position (LE partially flexed)
    • lift trunk by lifting under the shoulders
    • pivot LE's over side of bed
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