AP US Midterm

  1. ann hutchinson
    she and her followers believed that God predetermined who will be saved and that doing good deeds wouldn't help. Believed in direct relationship with god. at one point were their own camp but were banished and settled in Rhode island. put on trial. challeneged predestination, attonism.
  2. roger williams
    argued that government should be involved with religous matters. after being banned by colony officials he moved to Rhode Island where religous tolerance was practiced. City upon a hill. Founded Rhode Island. Believeed in seperation of church and state.
  3. dominion of new england
    way for england to take more control over colonies, sir edmond andros was the leader. this enforced the navigation acts.
  4. Importance o fthe dutch to colonial structure
    introduced religous toleration to the colonies was their importance.
  5. William Penn
    Was a Quaker, established Pennsylvania, wanted his colony to provide religous refuge for Quakers and other persectuted members, enact liberal ideas in gov., generate income and profits for himself. Grid pattern of streets, did not treat indians unfairly,
  6. Causes of the Boston Tea Party
    • 1. the tea act
    • 2. england gave a monopoly to the british east india company- which forced everyone to have to buy tea from them which was more expensive.
  7. Purpose of the Continental Congress, 1774
    Was in responce to the intolerable or coersive acts
  8. Thomas Paine
    Wrote "common sense" encouraged colonists to lead towards independence
  9. Declaration of Independence
    Written by Thomas Jefferson, borrowed ideas from John Locke. Life, liberty, and the persuit of happiness
  10. Loyalists, Tories
    Predominetly anglican, loyal to the british in the revolutionary war
  11. Battle of Saratoga
    After this Battle, the French made a fomral alliance to the United States during the Revolutionary War
  12. Treaty of Paris, 1783
    England recongnizes US as independent
  13. Article of Confederation, strength? weakness?
    • First governemnt of the United States
    • Strength= ordinances
    • Weakness= weak central government, could not tax, no unified military, pro-state rights, could not regulate trade
  14. Shay's Rebellion
    Poor farmers in Massachusetts came back from Revolutionary War and land was gone, exposed weakenesses in the aritcles of confederation and leads to the constitutional convention
  15. 1790 Census- 2nd largest group in America
    Africans- due to the 3/5 compromise
  16. Major Cities in 1790
    Boston, New York, Philly, Charleston
  17. Bill of Rights
    First ten ammendments to the constitution, written by James Madison.
  18. Alexander Hamilton
    First secretary of treasury, created the national bank
  19. Washingtons Cabinet
    Hamilton- secretary of treasury, Jefferson- secretary of state. Strict v. Loose. Jefferson+Madison= strict. Hamilton+Madison=Loose, elastic clause.
  20. Alien and Sedation Acts
    Alien- deals with immigrants, changing it to 14 years to gain citizenship. Passed by John Adams to keep votes form Democrat Republicans. Sedation Acts- became a crime to speak out or critisize the government
  21. Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions
    Able to nullify a law if it is wrong, written by jefferson and madison in responce to the alien and sedation acts
  22. Jefferson; Madison
    Even though Jefferson critisized the national bank, when he became president he went against his view when he bought the Louisianna Purchase
  23. Marbury v. Madison
    JUDICIAL REVIEW!! had to do with the black knights. John Marshall was the chief justice of the supreme court
  24. Where did Jefferson send the Navy "The Shores of Tripoli"?
    Libia, barbary pirates. He refused to pay the bribe so he sent the army over there
  25. Lousianna Purchase
    Jefferson proved the United States could negotiate a treaty with another country, France. Bought from Napolean
  26. "War Hawks"- why did they want war in 1812
    Calhoun + Clay. Violations in the treaty of paris, they wanted florida and canada as well as glory for themselves.
  27. Panic of 1819
    1st reciession or depression in the United States
  28. Monroe Doctrine
    A warning to europe that colonization was over in the western hempisphere. Written by John Quincy Adams
  29. John C. Calhoun and the Tarrif of Abominations and the nullification crisis and jacksons response
    First time the South uses the word Secede. Jackson threatened to send army down there
  30. Election of 1828
    Jackson wins by getting Kentucky and Nebraska to vote for him
  31. Jackson's Indian Removal Policy
    Cherokee trail of tears. Seminoles refused to leave their land and fought for a long time
  32. Wilmot Proviso
    Slavery should be prohibitted in new territory gained from Mexico. Was not passed
  33. Free Soil Party
    Wanted to prohibit slavery from expanding
  34. Underground Railroad
    one of the main leaders hariet tubman, led slaves to freedom
  35. Compromise of 1850
    Ominus Bill-admissison as california as a free state, division of mexican cessesion in 2 territories, settlement of NM/TX border, fed. government would assume public debt of texas, slavery in DC but abolish slave trade, more efffective fugitive slave act, this was passed with the OB to solve threat of national division
  36. purpose of the personal liberty laws of 1850
    a way for the north to ignore the fugitive slave laws
  37. 1850's where did the US attempt to establish ownership or influence
    open japan for trade, President Pierce sent Mathew Perry and the navy over there
  38. Gadsen Purchase
    Was to get more land from Mexico in order to build railroad
  39. Kansas Nebraska Act
    Douglass and Popular Soverngty people should get to decide wether or not they have slavery or not
  40. Stephen Douglass; popular Soverginty
    People decide whether or not they want slavery in the state or not
  41. Ostend Manifest
    Secret memo tro try and gain cuba
  42. Secession; Fort Sumter
    South Carolina was the first to secede. Virginia was the last, and fort sumter was the 1st battle of the civil war
  43. Border state- which one left the union?
  44. Why did britain not support the south in 1861?
    They didnt need their cotton, instead they got it from India and Canada.
  45. Copperheads
    Valledignham was the leader, and they were the peace democrats in the north
  46. Status of soldiers in the civil war
    both sides relied on volunteers in the beginning, then they began to rely on conscription (draft) the south was the first to start drafting
  47. Causes of the New York City Draft Riots
    The Irish didnt want to have to compete with the freed blacks for jobs
  48. national banking act, 1863-1864
    bank notes, set up a uniform banking system
  49. Military objective of the north at the beginning of the war
    was to take over richmond
  50. by the end of 1862, northern strategies included?
    they had a stronger general, Ulysses S. Grant, they took over the capital and got general lee to surrender
  51. Anaconda Plan
    naval blockade around the South, directed by general winfield scott
  52. Freedmens Bureau- success?
    General Howard, its major success was education
  53. Lincolns Reconstruction Plan
    10% plan, very leniant
  54. Black Codes
    restrictions on the freedom of former slaves passed by the southern governemnt. limited the rights of african americans and evolved to the jim crow laws.
  55. 14th ammenment
    fixed provisions of the civil rights bill. full citizenship to all native born or neutralized americans including former slaves, immigrants, over turned the dred scott decission
  56. Military recontruction act of 1867
    divided the south into 5 military districts and sent military to the south
  57. What led to the Battle of Little Bighorn
    Sioux tribe in Dakotas refused to go back to the reservations
  58. black reconstruction in the south
    gerrymandering, trying to divide districts blacks were in, in order for them to not vote for one person and over turn the popular vote
  59. 1860's- which sector of the economy did the chinese immigrants work in?
    they built railroads as well as the irish immigrants.
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