AP World- Ch. 20 Vocab

  1. Royal African Company
    Chartered in 1660s to establish a monopoly over the slave trade among British merchants; supplied African slaves to colonies in Barbados, Jamaica, and Virginia
  2. Asante
    Established in Gold Coast among Akan people settled around Kumasi; dominated by Oyoko clan; many clans linked under Osei Tutu after 1650
  3. Osei Tutu
    Member of Oyoko clan of Akan peoples in Gold Coast region of Africa; responsible for creating unified Asante Empire; utilized Western firearms
  4. asantehene
    Title taken by ruler of Asante Empire; supreme civil and religious leader; authority symbolized by golden stool
  5. Dahomey
    Kingdom developed among Fon or Aja peoples in 17th century; center at Abomey 70 miles from coast; under King Agaja expanded to control coastline and port of Whydah by 1727; accepted Western firearms and goods in return for African slaves
  6. Great Trek
    Movement of Boer settlers in Cape Colony of southern Africa to escape influence of British colonial government in 1834; led to settlement of regions north of Orange River and Natal
  7. Middle Passage
    Slave voyage from Africa to the Americas (16th—18th centuries); generally a traumatic experience for black slaves, although it failed to strip Africans of their culture
  8. saltwater slaves
    Slaves transported from Africa; almost invariably black
  9. Creole slaves
    American-born descendants of "salt water" slaves; result of sexual exploitation of slave women or process of miscegenation
  10. Suriname
    Formerly a Dutch plantation colony on the coast of South America; location of runaway slave kingdom in 18th century; able to retain independence despite attempts to crush guerrilla resistance
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