1. the church is the
    people of god
  2. saint that was given the stigmata and performed thousands of miracles and healings
    st. padre pio
  3. the head of the apostles
    st. peter
  4. 2nd king of israel
  5. islam is a monothesistic religion -
  6. 12 apos;tes represent;
    12 tribes of israel
  7. church is both;
    human and divine
  8. god prepared people for the church in;
    the old covenants
  9. what was adam and eve's covenant?
  10. in the OT, prophets foretold the;
    new and eternal covenant
  11. what are good titles for the church?
    • -bride of christ
    • -ppl of god
    • -body of christ
  12. what does Lumen Gentium mean?
    light to the nations
  13. 1 visible sign of the bond of unity of the church?
  14. when 1 denies a truth of the faith that must be believed
  15. when 1 denies the primacy of the pope as head of church
  16. when 1 rejects the christian faith
  17. what church is currently in schism w/ catholic church
    eastern orthodox
  18. name for genesis 3:15 where God annoucnes a savior?
  19. mission of the church;
    save souls
  20. chrysostom means
    golden mouth
  21. constantine's mother who found true cross of jesus
    st. helen
  22. feast day that is celebrated the day after exaltation of the holy cross
    our lady of sorrows
  23. what is the communion of saints
    pilgrims on earth, saints in heaven, and souls in purgatory
  24. 1st antipope
    st. hippolytus
  25. great doctor of the church who found against pelagianism
    st. autustine
  26. pope who was exiled to patmos with antipope
    st. pontian
  27. dissuaded attila the hun from sacking rome
    pope st. leo the great
  28. bishop of alexandria who was the great defender against arianism
    st. athanasius
  29. emperor who made christianity the official religion of the empire
    theodosius the great
  30. emperor who began persecution of christianty
  31. emperor who made it legal for christians to practice their fatih
  32. king of the franks who was baptised with 3000 of his solders
  33. emperor who tried to restore paganism to his empire
    julian the apostate
  34. holy deacon who brought the treasure of the church to emperor
    st. lawrence
  35. apostolic father who was fed to lions
    st. ignatius of antioch
  36. patroness of musicians
    st. cecilia
  37. she vowed her virginity and refused to marry
    st agnes
  38. holy wife of clovis who converted him by her witness
    st. clotilda
  39. st. agusutine wrote famous work;
    the city of God
  40. the edict of milan made it legal for
    christians to practice their faith
  41. st. peter and paul were likely to be
    martyred by nero
  42. who tried to rebuild temple in order to undermine christian faith
    julian the apostate
  43. the greatest prayer of the church is
    the sacrifice of holy mass
  44. most of the text of the gloria comes from
    the sacred scripture
  45. theotokos means
    god bearer
  46. apologia means
  47. heresy taught that salvation can be accomplished thru good works and grace is not necessary
  48. heresy taught that jesus was the perfect human being, but he was only human
  49. heresy taught that salvation is brought thru knowledge
  50. heresy taught that jesus had only a divine nature, mary wasnt the mother of god
  51. ecumenical council taught that mary is the mother of god
  52. ecumenical council said that jesus is 1 divine person, human and divine
  53. ecumenical council produced a creed and said jesus is consubstantial
  54. thie council taught that converts to the faith doesnt need to be circumcied
  55. eldest daughter of the church
  56. great theologian became a heretic when be became a montanist
  57. phase referes to the fact that jesus is 1 divine person with 2 natures
    hypostatic union
  58. 4 reasons for new translation of roman missal
    • -words are more scriptural
    • -more theological
    • -so new saints n prayers have a chance to be part of it
    • -closer to latin
  59. apostle to england
    st augustine of canterbury
  60. the father of western monasticism
    st. benedict
  61. first to write a rule governing monastic life
    st. pachomius
  62. began monasticism by secluding himself in desert
    st. anthony the hermit
  63. apostle to ireland
    st patrick
  64. apostle to slavic ppl
    st cyril
  65. very early monk who wrote a rule that was influences by pachomius
    st. basil the great
  66. opened hosptials and gave food to the poor
    pope st greg the great
  67. began monastic order for women
    st scholastica
  68. after defeating lombards, he gave land to holy father
  69. military leader who turned back spread of islam in europe
    charles martel
  70. 1st holy roman emperor crowned by holy father
  71. scholar who developed liberal arts curriculum
  72. monastery that began a period of reform in church
  73. islam means
  74. moslem shrine that is center of their pilgrimage to mecca
  75. founder of islam
  76. name of the moslem god
  77. the flight of muhammad to medina
  78. who found the abbey of monte casion in 530 ad
    st benedict
  79. the father of the monks is called
  80. ore et labora means
    pray and work
  81. how did st patrick first go to ireland
  82. homoousias means
  83. the spread of islam in europe was stopped by a battle in what city
  84. credo means
    i believe
  85. sanctus means
  86. she restored catholic faith to england
    queen mary i
  87. established himself as head of church when he had hard time obtaining an annulment
    king henry VIII
  88. persecuted catholics in england
    queen elizabeth i
  89. a secret lutheren who led protestant revolution in england
    archbishop cranmer
  90. moved the church from schism into heresy
    king edward VI
  91. bishop who was maryred after being made a cardinal
    st john fisher
  92. underground priest in england who was maryred
    st. edmund campion
  93. layman and chancellor of england who was martyred
    st thomas more
  94. sent to evangelize england by pope greg
    st augustine of canterbury
  95. wife and mother of 3 who was pressed to death
    st margaret
  96. pope who commissioned michaelango to paint sistine chapel
    pope julius II
  97. scrupolous monk who broke with church
    martin luther
  98. pope during height of the protestant revolution
    pope leo x
  99. protestant revolutionary who systematized protestant theology
    john calvin
  100. aztec christian who saw the blessed virgin mary
    st. juan diego
  101. giving positions of power to relatives
  102. selling positions of power
  103. a bishop having more than 1 diocese
  104. calvin's idea that the elect will be saved
  105. imagining you have committed sin when you havent
  106. one of luther's heresies was that
    man is totaly depraved, snow covered dung
  107. sola fide means
    faith alone
  108. sola scriptura means
    scripture alone
  109. who was given title defender of the faith by the pope?
    king henry VIII
  110. remission of temporal punishment due to sin
  111. protestant rome where john calvin led way in establishing a theocracy
    geneva, switzerland
  112. martin luther was a monk in which religious community
  113. council taht was called to address reforms that needed to occur in life of the church
  114. religious order founded reform the church, be missionary
    society of jesus
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