acu quiz 2

  1. What is the needling depth of the He Sea point where you need to avoid puncturing the tibial nerve,popliteal artery, and popliteal vein?
    .5 - 1 inch
  2. A patient presents with bleeding due to deficiency of prothrombin and other factors. What is the functionand where can you find the vitamin this patient is deficient in?
    Formation of prothrombin, other coagulation factors, and bone proteins and bacteria in the GI tractafter the neonatal period.
  3. A patient presents with mental depression and dullness or incoherent speech, weeping and laughingwithout apparent reason, gurgling with sputum in the throat, sudden collapse and coma. What do youexpect their tongue and pulse to look like?
    White, sticky tongue coating and a string-taut and rolling pulse
  4. Sour and bitter substances:
    Drain and are yin
  5. A patient presents with mounting qi distention and pain, binding stagnation of the lesser abdomen that issometimes severe, sometimes moderate, that is worse with cold and relaxes with heat. They have a whiteand glossy tongue fur and a deep, string-taut and slow pulse. What is this patient's diagnosis?
    Small Intestine Qi Pain
  6. After cupping a patient with no bleeding occurring, clean need technique states that cups should be:
    Washed with soap and water between patients
  7. A patient is unable to use the restroom. They have not been able to urinate for 36 hours days now. Theyhave been having various urinary issues for the past three weeks, but they are truly worried because it hasnever been this bad. If they cannot urinate by 9 pm tonight, they are going to go to the emergency room.They really can't afford another emergency room visit, so they are hoping that you can help them. They arealso experiencing abdominal distention and pain. Their tongue has a yellow, greasy tongue coating andtheir pulse is rolling and rapid. Which one of the following options below best describes the cautions andcontraindications for the formula that would be best for this patient?
    Long-term use may cause weakness, light-headedness, palpitations, and a loss of appetite.
  8. California acupuncture certificates shall expire annually on what day, if not renewed?
    The last day of the birth month of the licensee
  9. Zhi Tian Nan Xing is in which one of the following categories?
    Warm Herbs that Transform Cold-Phelgm
  10. Which one of the following is not an indication for cupping with blood letting?
    A) Allergic skin conditionsB) PruritisC) NeurastheniaD) Neurodermatitis
    Allergic skin conditions
  11. What do swollen, painful red ulcers with white edges on the surface of the tongue usually signify?
    Heart heat from Kidney yin deficiency
  12. All of the following are the most common causes of chronic pain in internal conditions except:
    A) HeatB) Blood stasisC) Liver Yang RisingD) Qi stagnation
  13. You visit a patient that complains of aversion to cold, they are lying in a curled up position, they arelistless with a desire to sleep, they have cold limbs, diarrhea with undigested food and are not sweating.Their tongue is pale with a white coating and their pulse is deep, feeble, thready. What is their diagnosis?
    Cold Syndrome of Shaoyin
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