Word Smart 6

  1. Absolute
    Total; unlimited
  2. Bemused
    Confused; bewildered
  3. Blatant
    Unpleasantly or offensively noisy; glaring
  4. Castigate
    To criticize severely; to chastise
  5. Censure
    To condemn severely for doing something bad
  6. Defame
    To libel or slander; to ruin the good name of
  7. Depravity
    Extreme wickedness or corruption
  8. Elliptical
    Oval; missing word or words; obscure
  9. Empirical
    Relying on experience or observation; not merely theoretical
  10. Fastidious
    meticulous; demanding; finicky
  11. Fervor
    Great warmth or earnestness; ardor; zeal
  12. Gratuitous
    Given freely (said of something bad); unjustified; unprovoked; uncalled for
  13. Husbandry
    Thrifty management of resources; livestock farming
  14. Impartial
    Fair; not favoring one side or the other; unbiased
  15. Lament
    To mourn
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