SAT 10

  1. Cumbersome
    difficult to manage because of the size
  2. Prohibitive
    preventing; forbidding
  3. Cavalier
    casual in doing things
  4. endemic
    found among a group of people
  5. epilogue
    spoken or written words following the conclusion of a play
  6. self-effacing
  7. disngenuous
    untruthful; insincere
  8. circumscribe
    to limit
  9. penchant
    an inclination or liking
  10. prologue
    an intro to a speech
  11. expropriate
    to take property away from its owner
  12. ornate
    elaborately decorated
  13. thwart
    to prevent
  14. jargon
    words or expressions used by a group
  15. demure
    modest; shy
  16. rustic
    relating to country life; unsophisticated
  17. tranquil
    calm; peaceful
  18. rudimentary
    relating to basic facts or principles
  19. ignominy
  20. succulent
    juicy; tasty
  21. paradox
    a contradiction
  22. expurgate
    to remove inappropriate
  23. curator
    one who manages a museum
  24. traverse
    to travel or pass across
  25. inoculation
    an immunization
  26. reprehensible
    deserving blame or criticism
  27. verdant
    lacking experience or sophistication
  28. procure
    to acquire
  29. surfeit
    a surplus
  30. enfranchise
    to give the right to vote
  31. facile
  32. supplicant
    a beggar
  33. modest
  34. decree
    a command
  35. utopia
    a perfect place
  36. pundit
    an expert
  37. sentimental
    characterized by emotions
  38. perspicacity
    keen perception or iunderstanding
  39. parched
    extremely dry; thirsty
  40. wary
  41. intransigent
  42. proliferate
    to grow or increase rapidly
  43. rebuke
    to scold in a sharp way
  44. ancillary
  45. amenity
    a pleasant feature
  46. ominpresent
    present everywhere
  47. admonish
    to reprimand or warn
  48. contrive
    to scheme
  49. disavow
    to deny knowlegde of
  50. candid
  51. prototype
    an orginal model
  52. Irreverent
  53. Incantation
    a magical chant; a speel or charm
  54. exhort
    to strongly urge or persuade
  55. edifice
    a building
  56. maladroit
    inept; clumsy
  57. dialect
    form of speech of a region
  58. geteel
    refined in manner;
  59. incontrovertible
    impossible to deny or disprove
  60. disparate
  61. androgynous
    exhibiting the apperance of each sexes
  62. camaraderie
    goodwill and teamwork among friends
  63. conceit
    a high opinion of ones own abilities
  64. virtue
    a good quality
  65. libertarian
    one who advocates individual right over state control
  66. volatile
  67. effusive
    over;y emotional
  68. faction
    a group of people who share the same ideas
  69. myriad
    a great number of
  70. effervescent
  71. feign
    to pretend
  72. brusque
  73. presumtuous
  74. disclaimer
    a denial of responsibility
  75. subtantiate
    to prove to be true
  76. accost
    to approach and speak to in an aggressive manner
  77. grandeur
  78. idyllic
    naturally peaceful and happy
  79. juxtapose
    to place things side by side
  80. implausible
    not believable
  81. succinct
    terse; concise
  82. scoff
    to mock; to scorn
  83. lummox
    a clumsy person
  84. dalliance
    the deluberate act of wasting time instead of working
  85. discordant
  86. anesthetic
  87. genial
  88. censor
    to remove offensive material
  89. olfactory
    having to do with the sense of smell
  90. implicit
  91. propensity
    a tendency or inclination
  92. extrovent
    an outgoing person
  93. paragon
    a perfect examble of something
  94. disquient
    to make uneasy or anxious
  95. untenable
    incapable of being defended
  96. negligible
  97. defile
    to make filthy or dirty
  98. eradicate
    to eliminate
  99. carp
    cto complain
  100. urbane
    elegant and refined in manner
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