1. environmental health
    study of how environmental factors affect human health and our quality of life
  2. hazards
    factors that threaten or are harmful to human health
  3. pathogens
    disease-causing agents
  4. epidemiology
    study of disease in human populations
  5. toxicology
    study of how poisonous substances affect an organism's health
  6. toxicity
    determines how harmful a substance is to an organism. Depends on what the substance is and how much of the substance is needed to cause harm
  7. dose
    amount of a substance an organism is exposed to
  8. response
    the effect an organism shows as a result of exposure
  9. dose-response relationship
    relationship between the different doses and the responses they generate
  10. threshold dose
    when responses occur only above a certain dose
  11. risk
    probability that a hazard will cause a harmfuol response
  12. risk assessment
    process of measuring risk
  13. infectious diseases
    diseases caused by pathogens
  14. vectors
    disease-carrying organisms
  15. emerging disease
    disease that has appeared in the human population for the first time, or that has existed for a while but is increasing rapidloy or spreading around the world
  16. pandemic
    an outbreak that becomes widespread and affects a whole region, continent, or the world
  17. pollution
    matter or energy that is released into the environment
  18. carcinogens
    chemicals that cause cancer
  19. teratogens
    chemicals that harm embryos and fetuses
  20. neurotoxins
    chemicals that affect the nervous system
  21. allergens
    overactivate the immune system, causing an immune response when one is not necessary
  22. asbestos
    mineral that forms long, thin microscopic fibers
  23. radon
    colorless, odorless, highly toxic radioactive gas
  24. pesticide drift
    airborne transport of pesticides
  25. bioaccumulation
    process through which organisms build up large concentrations of toxic substances in their bodies
  26. hurricane
    powerful storm that forms over the ocean in the tropics
  27. storm surge
    dome of water that crashes along the coast where the hurricane hits
  28. thunderstorm
    storm that produces both lightning and thunder
  29. biomagnification
    process through which concentrations of toxic substances are magnified with each step of the food chain
  30. avalanche
    mass of snow sliding down a slope
  31. earthquake
    occurs when the plates of the earth that were previously pushed together move apart and release energy, causing the earth to shake
  32. landslides
    occur when rock and soil slide down a slope
  33. tsunami
    a large ocean wave caused by an earthquake
  34. volcano
    an opening in Earth's crust through which lava, ash, and gases are ejected
  35. mudflows
    large masses of soil, rock, and water sliding down a slope
  36. tornado
    type of windstorm in which a funnel of rotating air drops down from a storm cloud and touches Earth's surface
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