Lieutenant assorted

  1. For ______________ accidents, disciplinary action to be taken, shall be referred to a _______ officer
    • avoidable
    • hearing
  2. An acting fire chief assumes all of the chiefs powers except what 2 situations
    • cannot promote/demote
    • transfers are temp.
  3. The administrative services division is directly under what office?
    Office of the fire chief
  4. __________ are the senior staff officers of the dept
    divisions chiefs
  5. Upon receipt of a written report of a summary suspension, the ___ shall terminate of confirm the suspension immediately
    deputy chief
  6. Name the 2 exceptions for the trial board being held within 60 days from the day of filing of charges and specifications
    • member is hospitalized
    • awaiting trial on criminal charges
  7. The _________ or _______ shall act as chairman of the trial board
    • administrative officer
    • designee
  8. When filling a vacancy (promotion), the _______ shall request the names from the _____. The number of names provided shall be ___ then the number of vacancies
    • fire chief
    • dir of HR
    • 2 greater
  9. With approval from ____ additional leave may be used for an immediate family illness
    dir of HR
  10. All minor accidents involving county apparatus shall be handled by the responding __________
  11. Station personnel will be issued __ sheets and _ pillowcases
    • 4
    • 2
  12. ___________ is to include the names of personnel utilizing every numbered turn-out space
    Station ledger
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