27 Amendments

  1. religion, speech, assembly, petition
    first amendment
  2. right to bear arms
    second amendment
  3. quatering of soliders
    third amendment
  4. Searches and Seizures
    fourth amendment
  5. Grand Juries, Double Jeopardy, self-incrimination, due process, eminent domain
    amendment 5
  6. Criminal Court Procedures
    sixth amendment
  7. Trial by Jury in common-law cases
    seventh amendment
  8. Bails, fines and Punishments
    eighth amendment
  9. Right Retained by the people
    ninth amendment
  10. Rights reserved to the states
    tenth amendment
  11. Citizenship, Due process, and equal protection of the laws
    fourteenth amendment
  12. Suits Agasint the states
    eleventh amendment
  13. Slavery
    amendment thirteen
  14. Citizenship, due process, and equal proteciton of the laws
    fifteenth amendment
  15. Income taxes
    sixteenth amendment
  16. Congressional Salaries
    27th amendment
  17. Election of the President and Vice President
    12th amendment
  18. Election of Senators
    17th amendment
  19. Prohibition
    18th Amendment
  20. Women's Right to Vote
    19th Amendment
  21. Terms of Office, Convening of Congress, and succession
    20th amendment
  22. Repeal of Prohibition
    21st amendment
  23. Number of Presidential Terms
    22nd amendment
  24. Presidential Electors for the district of Columbia
    23rd amendment
  25. Poll Tax
    24th amendment
  26. Presidential disability and vice presidential vacancies
    25th amendment
  27. Eighteen Year Old Vote
    26th Amendment
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