English Midterm Study OP

  1. Allegory
    • An abstract represented through an object
    • ex: Seeds in "Salesman"
  2. Allusion
    A literarty reference
  3. Antecedent
    A preceeding circumstance
  4. Attitude
    Tone or Voice
  5. Connotation
    A suggested feeling of a word, not exactly the definition
  6. Denotation
    The exact definition
  7. Euphemism
    A nicer way of putting something
  8. Hyperbole
    • Exaggeration
    • The Best thing ever
  9. Imagery
    Diction or language that creates an image
  10. Figurative Language
  11. Irony
    • If we were all made of iron
    • If our guns shot healing salves that cured all wounds
  12. Metaphor
    No like or as
  13. Satire
    Mocking or parodying for a storytelling purpose
  14. Point of View
    1st person, 3rd person, etc.
  15. Parallelism
    Similarity in sentence structure
  16. Syntax
    Word Choice and placement
  17. Oxymoron
    • Contradictory terms used in conjunction
    • There are absolutely no absolutes
  18. Paradox
    This sentence is false
  19. Style
    A form or type of writing
  20. Syllogism
    • All A is C
    • All B is A
    • So all B is C
  21. Aphorism
    • A terse statenment containing a truth
    • Haste makes waste
  22. Colloquialism
    Simpleton speak
  23. Juxtaposition
    Putting two different things side by side for comparison or for another point
  24. Wit
    Matthew Munro
  25. Loose Sentence
    Main clause is followed by subordinates
  26. Tragedy
    Story where a noble stature falls from grace due to a flaw
  27. Fate
    Was it all meant to happen, or was it because of the flaw?
  28. Fatal Flaw
    • Macbeth's greed
    • The weakness that beats the hero
  29. Noble Stature
    Having power, suggested by iambic pentameter
  30. Raven
    A common omen of death
  31. Dramatic Irony
    The characters think one thing, we know the truth
  32. Aside
    A separate speech to say what a character is feeling
  33. Soliloquy
    A much longer aside
  34. Atmoshpehre
    the m00d or tone ok a literary work
  35. Wyrd
    A fate
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