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  1. A patient presents with a lower backache, dizziness, tinnitus, cold and weak knees, a sensation of cold in the lower back, a feeling of cold, weak legs, bright-white complexion, tiredness, lassitude, abundant clearurination, urination at night, apathy, edema of the legs, infertility in women, loose stools, depression, and decreased libido. Their tongue is pale and wet and their pulse is deep and weak. What is this patient's diagnosis?
    Kidney Yang Deficiency
  2. What is the needling depth of the Kidney points that could puncture a full bladder?
    .5 - 1 inch perpendicularly
  3. A patient presents with red face and lips, heart vexation, thirst, short, red, rough, and painful urination.They also have a red tongue body with yellow fur and a string-taut and rapid pulse. What is this patient'sdiagnosis?
    Small Intestine Repletion Heat
  4. Tightness and spasm of the muscle along the medial aspect of the lower leg while those along the lateral aspect are flaccid or atrophied is a sign for which one of the following channels?
    Yin Qiao
  5. What kind of fever do you expect to see in a patient diagnosed with Empty-Wind Agitating the Interior?
    Low-grade fever
  6. A patient presents with epistaxis accompanied by fever, cough, reddened tongue, and a superficial andrapid pulse. Which one of the following point prescriptions would be best for this patient?
    LI 20 (Yingxiang), LI 4 (Hegu), and Du 23 (Shengxing)
  7. A patient presents with gastrointestinal nervous dysfunction and intense itching all over their body. what cupping method is best?
    Cupping with Blood Letting
  8. A pulse that arrives rapidly, sometimes there is a stop and the stops are irregular can indicate
    Exuberant yang repletion heat, Food stagnation, Phlegm exuberance
  9. What are the signs and symptoms in the first stage of general yin deficiency?
    No appetite or slight hunger but with no desire to eat, constipation, dull epigastric pain, dry mouthand throat especially in the afternoon with a desire to drink in small sips and a slight feeling offullness after eating
  10. As you take a needle out you see that you have punctured a blood vessel. The blood that is coming out isgenerally slow and has a darker hemorrhage. How long do you need to apply pressure?
    1 minute
  11. Which one of the following herbs can inhibit blood clotting and is not to be used with anticoagulants,aspirin, or NSAIDs?
    Bai Guo
  12. What is the correct order of the channels from the deepest to the most superficial?
    Deep pathways of the primary and divergent channels, extraordinary channels, divergent channels,primary channels, luo-connecting channels, sinew channels, minute collaterals, cutaneous channels.
  13. What is the needling depth of the Front Mu of the San Jiao?
    .5 - 1 inch perpendicular
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