EC class notes: 1/4/12

  1. How were people often treated in ancient cultures who had disabilities? (not Egypt)
    • often killed
    • figured the God's were angry and disposed of them
  2. What philosopher believed that all people were basically good?
  3. What elements were usually blamed for disabilities in the 19th century?
    • environment
    • parenting
  4. What caused the institiutions in America to be neglected?
    the civil war
  5. What were some examples of the awful treatment people experienced in the institutions?
    • sterilization
    • keeping them locked up and drugged
    • little family contact was allowed
  6. What form of government has proven to treat people with disabilities the worst?
    communist governments
  7. What are two challenges for people with any disabilities?
    • underemployment
    • high dropout rate
  8. What group along the bell curve is the hardest to reach?
    the under average group
  9. conditions or impairments
  10. challenges and barriers imposed by others
  11. new cases every year
  12. number of cases at a given time
  13. How much more is it to educate a person through special education than general education?
    twice as much
  14. What disabilities are concidered high incidence?
    • specific learning disabilities
    • speech or langauge impairment
    • mental retardation
    • emotional and behavioral disturbance (EBD)
  15. What qualifies you for having a specific learning disability?
    reading or math deficit of 15 or more
  16. What is probably the number one disability?
    speech or language impairment
  17. What disabilities are considered low incidence?
    • multiple disabilities
    • deafness; hearing impairment
    • orthopedic impairments
    • other health impairments
    • visual impairments
    • autism
    • deaf-blindness
    • traumatic brain injury
    • developmental delay
  18. What is an example of an "other health impairment"?
    • ADHD
    • physical disabilities
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