1. ab ovo usque ad mala
    from the egg to the apple (like “from soup to nuts”)
  2. ad hoc
    for this purpos
  3. ad infinitum
    without end
  4. ad nauseam
    - to the point of disgust
  5. alma mater
    nourishing mother -- for any school/college
  6. ante bellum
    before the war
  7. bona fide -
    -- in good fait
  8. caveat emptor -
    - let the buyer beware
  9. de gustibus non est disputandum
    there is no accounting for tastes; everyone to his own taste
  10. corpus delicti
    the body of the crime
  11. cum grano salis -
    with a grain of salt
  12. de facto
    in fact; actually
  13. de jure
    by right; legally
  14. de mortuis nil nisi bonum
    speak only good of the dead
  15. divide et impera:
    divide and rule
  16. ex libris
    from the books of
  17. errare humanum est
    to err is human
  18. exit; exeunt
    he goes out; they go out
  19. ex officio
    by virtue of office
  20. ex post facto
    enacted after the fact; retroactive
  21. . ex tempore -
    on the spur of the moment
  22. festina lente:
    make haste slowly
  23. habeas corpus:
    a writ to bring a detained person before a judge (lit. you must have the body)
  24. in absentia
    in absence
  25. . in loco parentis
    - in the place of a parent
  26. in medias res
    - in the middle of things
  27. in memoriam
    in memory o
  28. in re -
    - in the matter of; concerning
  29. in toto
  30. ipso facto
    by the very fact itself
  31. lapsus linguae
    a slip of the tongue
  32. modus operandi:
    a method of working
  33. modus vivendi
    a method of livin
  34. multum in parvo
    much in little
  35. ne plus ultra
    nothing more beyond; perfection
  36. non compos mentis:
    not of sound mind
  37. non sequitur
    : it does not follow; an illogical inference
  38. pater patriae
    - father of his country
  39. pax vobiscum
    peace be with you
  40. per annum
    by the year
  41. per capita
    - by heads
  42. . per diem
    by the day
  43. . per se -
    by itself; essentiall
  44. persona non grata
    an unwelcome person
  45. post mortem
    after death
  46. prima facie -
    -- on first sight or appearance
  47. post proelium, praemium
    after the battle, the reward
  48. . pro and con(tra
    for and against
  49. pro bono public
    for the public welfare
  50. pro tempore
    for the time being
  51. quid pro quo
    something for something
  52. sic transit gloria mund
    - thus passes the glory of the world
  53. sine die -
    - indefinitely; without setting a day
  54. sine qua non
    - indispensable; a necessity
  55. status quo
    - the existing state of affairs
  56. stet
    : let it stand (printing term)
  57. te Deum laudamus
    we praise you, O Lord
  58. tempus fugit
    - time flies
  59. terra firma
    - solid ground
  60. vade mecum
    - a constant companion (go with me)
  61. verbatim
    word for word
  62. via-
    - by way of
  63. vice versa:
    the other way around
  64. vigilantia pretium libertatis:
    vigilance is the price of liberty
  65. viva voce:
    : by spoken word; orally
  66. vox populi, vox Dei:
    : the voice of the people is the voice of God
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