Geography 6 Cultural

  1. Shakespeare's grave is located in Stratford-upon-Avon in which European country?
    United Kingdom
  2. Several grand hotels have made the town of Montreux, located on the shores of Lake Geneva, a popular tourist destination of what country?
  3. The coastal city of Monrovia, settled in the 1820's by freed American slaves, is located in which present day African country?
  4. Ful medames, a dish made from fava beans and spices, is a national dish in what country that borders the Mediterranean and Red Seas?
  5. The Maya city of Copan is a popular tourist attraction in what country where the capital is Tegucigalpa?
  6. Gregorian chants, sacred music from the early centuries of the Roman Catholic Church, developed in what country that borders the Adriatic and Ligurian Seas?
  7. An intricate kind of lace called nanduti combines Spanish and Guarani traditions in what country that borders Argentina and Bolivia?
  8. Kabuki is a popular form of theater that combines singing and dancing in which Asian island country?
  9. Grasshoppers, known locally as chapulines, are a delicacy in the state of Oaxaca in which North American country?
  10. The Taj Mahal is an example of architecture from the Mughal period in what predominantly Hindu country?
  11. Coffeehouses are a cultural tradition in the European city of Vienna in what country?
  12. Acupuncture, an ancient medical treatment using needles to relieve pain and treat diseases, originated in which Asian country that borders Mongolia?
  13. Farsi, also known as Persian, is the official language of which Islamic country?
  14. Amsterdam's Van Gogh Museum, which contains many paintings by the famous artist, is in what country?
  15. People watch matadors perform at bullfights in Seville, a city in which European country?
  16. Chinese make up the largest ethnic group on a small island off the coast of Malaysia. Name this country.
  17. Bergen is a starting point for tours of the fjords along the western coast of which Scandinavian country?
  18. A dance called the tango originated in the city of Buenos Aires in what country?
  19. The game of chess is a popular pastime in the city of Beersheba, located in the Negev desert in which Southwest Asian country?
  20. The city of Istanbul, considered a meeting place of Eastern and Western cultures, is located in what country?
  21. A boomerang is a curved stick traditionally used for hunting by the Aborigines in what country in the Southern Hemisphere?
  22. Reindeer provide food, clothing and a means of transportation for native people who live in Siberia. Siberia lies mostly in which country?
  23. Thousands of colored lanterns are hung each year at a celebration at Chogye Temple in the city of Seoul in which Asian country?
    South Korea
  24. The Erawan Shrine, also called Thao Maha Brahma, is a famous spirit house that was built to protect a nearby hotel in Bangkok in which Southeast Asian country?
  25. Wolof is widely spoken in Dakar and other cities throughout which West African country?
  26. The Benfica Handcrafts Market is an open-air market that sells paintings, sculptures, jewelry, and other crafts just south of the city of Luanda in which African country?
  27. Handwoven ryijy rugs, or tapestries, are a folk art in which European country that borders Norway and Russia?
  28. Matapa, a dish prepared with cassava leaves and served over rice, is a staple in which African country that has Maputo as its capital?
  29. The siku is a type of pan flute typically made from bamboo, and is a traditional instrument in a country just south of Ecuador. Name this South American country.
  30. Theatrical performances are regularly held in the Natak Para theater district in the city of Dhaka in which country that borders India?
  31. Public steam baths called hammams are part of the culture in cities such as Casablanca and Marrakech in which African country?
  32. Both residents and tourist enjoy scuba diving on the world's second largest barrier reef off the coast of which Central American country just east of Guatemala?
  33. The tinikling, a dance that involves bamboo poles, is the national dance of an island country where Manila is the capital. Name that country.
  34. More than a thousand concerts are held during the annual Copenhagen Jazz Festival, which attracts a broad international audience to which European country?
  35. Geghard Monastery, partially carved out of a mountain, is a World Heritage site located east of the capital city of Yerevan. This monastery is located in the Caucasus region in which country?
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