apush chapter 9 quiz

  1. the emergence of textile industry in the united states
    american textile producers improved on british technology
  2. the young women who worked in the new england textile mills in the 1820s and 1830s..
    were able to save their wages for later personal use or to help out their families back on the farm
  3. most outstanding contribution to of american mechanics druing the industrial revolution
    machines capable of making parts for other machines
  4. effect of industialization on artisans
    faced declining income , unemployment, and loss of status
  5. american labor movement in the 1830s
    devised the labor theory of value, arguing that the price of a product should reflect the labor required to make it and should be paid primarily to the laborer
  6. did NOT facilitate the constructuin of the eire canal
    invention of the steam-powered excavation equipment
  7. gibbons vs. ogden
    marshal court declared illegal a new york law that granted a monopoly on steamboat travel into NYC
  8. the rapid growth of western cities such as pittsburg,cincinnati,and new orleans resulted from their..
    location at points where goods had to be transferes from one mode of transport to another
  9. NYC became the economic center of the U.S by the 1830s because..
    it secured control of foreign trade with wurope and south america
  10. one social change resulting from the industrial rev. was that members of the upper class..
    openly distanced themselves by values and lifestyle from wage earners in contrast tot he shared cultural and religious values that had united the gentry and ordinary folk in the 18th century
  11. early 19th century middle class
    came to share th values of the business elite, even though they lived more modestly
  12. by the 1830s most laborers in the urban northeast lived in
    crowded boardinghouses and tiny apartments
  13. the consumption of alcoholic beverages by workers during the 1820s
    many workers used alcohol as an escape from the routine of work and smuggled whiskey into the workplace
  14. members of the business class attempted to overcome disorder and lawlessness among urban wage earners by..
    forming regional and national organizations in order to institutionalize charity and combat evil systematically
  15. success of the early 19th century temperance crusaders in reducing americans consumption of intoxicating liquor
    dramatic and entertaining temperance lectures, combined with a growing realization among americans that cultivating sobriety and hard work could have material rewards
  16. immigration during the 1840s and 1850s
    most of the irish who arrived were poverty stricken peasants
  17. irish immigrated to the U.S because..
    they fled a famine caused by severeoverpopulation and a devastating blight on the potato crop
  18. life of the irish catholic immigrants
    built the same kind of social and cultural networks that other americans had developed, which helped to sustain them in the face of protestant hostility
  19. the nativists called for all EXCEPT
    an amendment to the constitution forcing catholics to renounce the pope or lose their right to vote
  20. 1844 catholic protesting rioting in philidelphia
    erupted when the local catholic bishop persuaded the city government to allow the catholic version of the bible to be used only in the citys public schools along with the protestant version
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