Murray chapter 7 Definitions Physiologic Adaptations to pregnancy

  1. A spontaneous or elective termination of pregnancy before the 20th week of gestation based on the date of the last menstrual period. Spontaneous is frequently called miscarriage.
  2. Absence of menstruation
  3. Irregular, usually mild uterine contractions that occur throughout pregnancy and become stronger in the last trimester
    Braxton Hicks contractions
  4. Bluish purple discoloration of the cervix, vagina, and labia during pregnancy as a result of increased vascular congestion
    Chadwick's Sign
  5. Breast fluid secreted during pregnancy and the first week after child birth
  6. Separation of the longitudinal muscles of the abdomen (rectus abdominis) during pregnancy
    Diastasis recti
  7. Softening of the cervix during pregnancy
    Goodell's sign
  8. A woman who is or has been pregnant, regaurless of the duration or outcome of the pregnancy
  9. Softening of the lower uterine segment that allows it to be easily compressed at 6 to 8 weeks of prenancy
    Hegar's sign
  10. excess blood in an area of the body
  11. Brownish pigmentation of the face during pregnancy; also called chloasma and "mask of pregnancy"
  12. a woman who has been pregnant more than once
  13. A woman who has delivered 2 or more pregnancies at 20 or more weeks of gestation
  14. A woman who has never completed a pregnancy beyond a spontaneous or elective abortion
  15. number of pregnancies that have progressed to 20 or more weeks at delivery, whether the fetus was born alive or stillborn; refers to the numbers of pregnancies, not the number of fetuses
  16. decrease in hemologlobin and hematocrit values caused by dilution of erythrocytes from expanded plasma volume rather than by an actual decrease in erythrocytes or hemoglobin
    physiologic anemia of pregnancy
  17. a birth that occurs after 42 weeks of gestation
    postterm birth
  18. a birth that occurs after the 20th week and before the start of the 38th week of gestation
    preterm birth
  19. a woman who is pregnant for the first time
  20. a woman who has delivered one pregnancy of at least 20 weeks
  21. the first movements of the fetus felt by the mother
  22. Irregular pink to purple streaks on the woman's abdomen, breasts, or buttocks resulting from tears in connective tissue
    striae gravidarum
  23. a birth that occurs between the 38th and 42 weeks of gestation
    term birth
  24. one of three equal, 13 week parts of a full term pregnancy
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Murray chapter 7 Definitions Physiologic Adaptations to pregnancy
Murray chapter 7 Definitions Physiologic Adaptations to pregnancy