voacb 5

  1. infallible
    not subject to failure
  2. portent
    a sign or warning
  3. mendicant
  4. qualms
    uneasy pangs on conscience
  5. alms
    donations to the needy
  6. dire
    causing great fear or suffering
  7. want
    a deffinciency
  8. rovers
    people who wander
  9. grudge
    to resent the good fortune oif a nother
  10. shamble
    to shuffle
  11. mortified
  12. guise
    a disguise, it conceals
  13. rapt
    • An adjective meaning engrossed or spellbound. Macbeth
    • reference: Banquo (to witches): "My noble partner you greet with present
    • grace and great prediction of noble having and of royal hope, that heseems rapt withal: to me you speak not.
  14. carousing
    drinking liquor freely or eccesively
  15. disposition
    • n. the predominant or prevailing tendency of one's
    • spirits;natural mental and emotional outlook or mood; characteristicattitude- a girl with a pleasant disposition
  16. waned
    decreased in vigor, died slowly
  17. Maudlin
    to much emotion
  18. evade
    to escape/avoid
  19. callow
    inexperienced or immature
  20. vigil
    wakefullness duringthe night/ keeing watch
  21. hefting
    lifting/carrying something heavy
  22. requite
    to make appropriate return for a of favor or service. to reward
  23. berserk
    Adj. (of a person or animal) to be out of control with anger or excitement or to be wild or frenzied
  24. hectoring
    talking to someone ina bullying way
  25. rave
    to speak out wildly
  26. Smote (verb, past tense of “smite”)
    • To have struck down (usually by a
    • divine or magical power.) Zeus smote his enemy yesterday.
  27. Suppliant
    person making humble plea
  28. Aloof
    • Above, usually in reference to lower socioeconomic classes
    • of society (usually an act.) The snob kept himself aloof from his
    • neighbors, who, as he noted condescendingly, were not "of his
    • type." Can also mean to keep away from (a situation.) Johnson kept
    • himself aloof from the brawl, deciding not to dirty his hands in thefights that so often occurred
  29. tremulous
    shaking or quivering slightly
  30. vixen
    an illtempered woman
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