Ch12 Chemical Texturizing

  1. Define Chemical Texturizing:
    (Reforming) The process of using physical & chemical actions to permanently change the texture of hair.
  2. What is another term for Chemical Texturizing?
  3. List the 3 Major Classifications of Chemical Texturizing.
    • 1) Perming
    • 2) Hair Relaxing
    • 3) Curl Reforming
  4. Endothermic:
    Heat is added by placing plastic cap pn clients head * placing them under a pre-heated dryer.
  5. Exothermic:
    Self-timing & self-heating, the additive creates heat through chemical reaction when mixed with perm solution.
  6. What Chemical Bond is reformed in Permanent Waving?
    Disulfide Bond
  7. Alkaline Waves carry a pH of _(a)_ to _(a)_.
    a) 8.0-9.5
  8. Acid Perms are in the pH range of _(a)_ to _(a)_.
    a) 6.9-7.2
  9. Porosity:
    The hairs ability to absorb moisture, chemicals, & liquids.
  10. Elesticity:
    The hairs ability to be streched & returned back to its original shape.
  11. Texture:
    The degree of coursness or fineness of the hair.
  12. Density:
    The number of active hair follicles per sq. in. on the scalp.
  13. What are the 2 main types of chemical relaxers?
    • 1) Sodium Hydroxide
    • 2) Ammonium Thyoglycolate
  14. In Chemical Relaxing what does basing mean?
    Applying a protective cream to the scalp, hairline, & ears prior to relaxing service.
  15. Define Curl Deffusion:
    (Chemical Blow-out) Technique used to loosen/relax tightly curled hair by approx. 50%.
  16. What is another name for Curl Deffusion?
    Chemical Blow-Out
  17. What can occur if you apply a Thio Relaxer over a Sodium Hydroxide Relaxer or vice versa?
    Severe damage & breakage can occur.
  18. What is Curl Reforming?
    (Soft Curls/ Reformation Curls/ Double-Process Perm Service) Chemical Service designed to change tightly curled hair into curly/wavy hair. First hair is Relaxed then Permed to create new curl pattern.
  19. What is/are another name(s) for Curl Reforming?
    • Soft Curls
    • Reformation Curls
    • Double-Process Perm Service
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