The Writers Journey

  1. Name the 12 stages of the Hero's Journey.
    • Ordinary World
    • Call to Adventure
    • Refusal of the Call
    • Meeting with the Mentor
    • Crossing the First Threshold
    • Tests, Allies, Enemies
    • Approach to the Inmost Cave
    • The Ordeal
    • Reward
    • The Road Back
    • The Resurrection
    • Return with the Elixir
  2. What are the 8 recurring character archetypes?
    • Hero
    • Mentor
    • Threshold Guardian
    • Herald
    • Shapeshifter
    • Shadow
    • Ally
    • Trickster
  3. What is the Herald's function?
    He/She delivers the Call to Adventure.
  4. What is the Mentor's function?
    He/She teaches the hero to survive in the special world and often gives her a gift and or knowledge, which will become crucial during the Ordeal.
  5. What does a Hero need to do, to truly become a Hero?
    She needs to sacrifice her life and share the Elixir.

    (This is not meant literally. But she needs to leave behind the self she was before the journey and change. Become someone new and share the benefit of the obtained Elixir with the Tribe.)
  6. Which character archetype is the complete opposite of the Hero? Why?
    The Shadow.

    The Shadow is the dark reflection of the Hero. If we were telling the story from his angle, our Hero would be the Bad Guy, the antagonist, the one who is wrong.

    Their goals exclude each other. Only one of them can succeed. ("Neither can live while the other survives." - Rowling)
  7. What is the main reason for the Refusal of the Call?
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