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  1. Biology
    Scientific study of life
  2. Order
    Ordered structure typifies life
  3. Reproduction
    Organisms reproduce their own kind
  4. Growth and development
    Inherited DNA controls growth and development
  5. Energy processing
    Organisms use chemical energy to fuel activities and chemical reactions
  6. Response to the environment
    All organisms respond to environmental stimuli
  7. Regulation
    Mechanism regulate an organism's internal environment to sustain life
  8. Evolutionary adaptation
    Adaptations evolve over many generations to better suit organisms to their environment and have greater success
  9. Biosphere
    Every environment on Earth that sustains life
  10. Ecosystem
    All organisms in a particular area as well as the physical elements like rocks and dirt
  11. Community
    All the organisms within an ecosystem
  12. Population
    All the individuals of a particular species in a specific area
  13. Organism
    Any individual living thing
  14. Organ system
    Several organs that cooperate to perform a specific function
  15. Organ
    Made up of several tissues
  16. Tissues
    Made up of similar cells
  17. Cell
    Fundamental unit of life
  18. Organelle
    Membrane-enclosed structure within a cell
  19. Molecule
    Cluster of atoms held together by chemical bonds
  20. Emergent properties
    The properties that emerge at each level of life's hierarchy
  21. Prokaryotic cells
    • First to evolve
    • Less complex
    • Bacteria cells
  22. Eukaryotic cells
    • More complex, larger
    • Animals, plants, fungi, protists
    • Have organelles including nucleus for DNA
  23. Systems biology
    Construct models for whole systems based on the interaction among different parts
  24. Genes
    Units of inheritance that transmit genetic material from parents to offspring
  25. Domains
    A way of organizing different life forms into three categories-domains
  26. Bacteria
    • Prokaryotes
    • Diverse array of bacteria
  27. Archaea
    • Prokaryotes
    • Live in extreme environments
  28. Eukarya
    • Eukaryotes
    • Nucleus and other internal structures/ organelles
  29. Evolution
    • Species today are descended from ancient species
    • Core theme of biology
  30. Natural selection
    Those better suited to the environment survive and reproduce which can change the species as a whole
  31. Inductive reasoning
    Generalizations are developed from a bunch of smaller specific observations
  32. Hypothesis
    Proposed explanation for a series of observations
  33. Deductive reasoning
    • Ways to test hypotheses
    • General ideas are tested by taking specifics that would fit in the generalization and see if they support the hypothesis
  34. Theory
    • Broader than a hypothesis
    • Explain a bunch of observations and have a lot of evidence behind them
  35. Controlled experiment
    Designed to compare an experiment group with a control group
  36. Technology
    • Goal is to apply science for a specific purpose
    • Creates cycle: scientists use new tech in research whic leads to new tech...
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