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  1. Federalism
    • 2+ levels of govt have formal authority over the same land
    • System of shared power between govts
  2. Unitary government
    • All the power resides in the central govt
    • Most used system in nations today
  3. Intergovernmental relations
    Interactions between the levels of gov't in a federal system
  4. Supremacy clause
    Article IV made Constitution, national laws, and treaties> state laws if nat'l gov't is within the Constitution
  5. Tenth Amendment
    Any powers not prohibited for the states or expressly the nat'l gov't go to the states
  6. Full faith and credit
    • Requires every state to recognize official documents from courts of other states
    • Drivers' licenses, marriage licenses
  7. Extradition
    State officials from one state surrender the defendant to another state where the crime occurred
  8. Privileges and immunities
    Citizens have similar rights in different states
  9. Dual federalism
    State and nat'l gov't are supreme in their own areas and are responsible for separate policies
  10. Cooperative federalism
    • Powers and policies are shared between the states and the nat'l govt
    • Share cost, administration and blame for poor results
  11. Fiscal federalism
    • Pattern of spending, taxing and providing grants
    • Much of natl govt's interaction with state and local gov'ts
  12. Categorical grants
    • Grants for specific purposes
    • Come with strings attached
  13. Project grants
    Awarded based on the merit of applications
  14. Formula grants
    Distributed according to a formula specified by legislation or regulation
  15. Block grants
    Given automatically to support broad programs like social services or community development
  16. McCulloch v. Maryland
    • 1819 established supremacy of natl laws over state
    • Congress has implied powers in addition to enumerated powers
  17. Enumerated powers
    • Powers of the federal govt addressed in the Constitution
    • Coin money, impose taxes, etc.
  18. Implied powers
    • Powers of the federal govt that go beyond the Constitution
    • All laws necessary and proper
  19. Elastic clause
    Final paragraph allowing anything necessary and proper for Congress to carry out enumerated powers
  20. Gibbons v. Ogden
    • 1824 very broad interpretation of elastic clause regarding interstate commerce
    • Virtually every form of commercial activity
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