Romeo and Juliet characters

  1. Friar Laurence
    Romeo and Juliet’s confidant. He marries them and when romeo kills tybalt, comes up with a plan to get them back together. He is also very good with plants, which he says are like people because they have both good and bad qualities.
  2. Friar John
    Friar Laurence’s brother? He was supposed to deliver letter to Romeo, but got stopped because he was helping a sick person. (they were quarantined)
  3. Prince Escalus
    • Mercutio was his kinsman, and he was killed by Tybalt, who Romeo killed. Prince Escalus therefore
    • shows leniency to Romeo and exiles him instead of sentencing him to death. At the beginning of the play, he decreed that if the capulets and montagues fight again, then they will die.
  4. Romeo
    Romeo is a very melancholy character. At the beginning of the play, he is depressed over Rosaline. He kills Tybalt, and is close friends with Benvolio and Mercutio. He judges girls with his eyes, kills tybalt, gets exiled, and then kills himself when he thinks Juliet is dead.
  5. Juliet
    • Juliet is very easy to convince. She is very close with her nurse, much more than Lady Capulet. She used to be a very obedient child, with the exception of her tricking her parents into thinking her dead. She kills herself after Romeo
    • kills himself after she faked death.
  6. Mercutio
    Mercutio is Romeo’s friend. He has a quick mouth, temper, and wit, which is pretty clearly illustrated during the Queen Mab speech. He makes fun of the nurse, and dies when Romeo interferes with his duel with Tybalt due to Romeo refusing to fight with Tybalt. He is also the kinsman to Prince Escalus. His name means Mercury.
  7. Benvolio
    Benvolio is Romeo’s friend and the peacekeeper. His name means “good will,” or “benevolent.” He tries to keep the peace in the initial fight at the beginning of the play, and the duel that kills Mercutio and Tybalt. He is Romeo’s cousin and a close friend of Romeo and Mercutio.
  8. Tybalt
    • Tybalt has a fiery temper.
    • He was involved with the duel at the beginning of the play and killed mercutio, and then got killed by romeo.
    • He wants revenge because romeo attended the capulet ball. He is juliet’s cousin.
  9. Lady Capulet
    Lady Capulet is Juliet’s mother. She is very cold and ignores Juliet’s threats to commit suicide.
  10. Lady Montague
    Lady Montague is romeo’s mother. She dies of grief when romeo is banished.
  11. Paris
    • Paris is the man who wants to marry Juliet. Juliet’s father later agrees because of tybalt’s death for him to marry Juliet. At the end, when Juliet is dead, Romeo duels paris and wins. (paris thought Romeo was going to disgrace
    • the tomb) Paris is placed next to Juliet’s body, because that was his dying wish.
  12. Rosaline
    Rosaline was romeo’s first love. She decided to be a nun, and therefore can’t be with Romeo.
  13. Lord Montague
    • He worried about romeo’s relationship with Rosaline, and
    • pleads with Prince Escalus to minimize the punishment.
  14. Lord Capulet
    • Lord Capulet dened Paris’ first offer for Paris to marry
    • Juliet: she wasn’t old enough, she was an only child, and he wanted her consent. When tybalt dies, he has Juliet
    • marry paris to cheer her up. When Juliet
    • said no, he got really mad and slapped her and said he would disown her. He moves the wedding of Tybalt to Juliet up
    • to Wednesday out of impulse.
  15. Peter
    • He also “invited” Romeo and his friends to the capulet ball
    • since they helped him read the guest list, since he cannot read. Peter is the nurse’s servant. He doesn’t stand up for her when Mercutio
    • bullies her.
  16. Nurse
    • The nurse is very close to Juliet. She is a
    • comical relief character and loves Juliet.
    • She tells her to go ahead with the marriage of Paris, and then Juliet
    • feels betrayed
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