Holt Physics Chapter 6

  1. 3 types of Collisions and example of each
    • Elastic Collison- two pool balls
    • Inelastic Collison- basket ball hits floor
    • Perfectly Inelastic Collison- claydough balls collide
  2. Elastic Collision
    Two objects collide and return to their original shapes with no change in total kinetic energy
  3. Inelastic Collison
    Two objects deform during the collision so that the total kinetic engergy decreases but the objects move seperately after collision
  4. Perfectly Inelastic Collision
    Two objects collide, stick together adn move as one mass with the same Velocity (V) after the collision. momentum is conserved.
  5. Conservation of Momentum (for rockets)
    *Important to get word for word*
    Conservation of momentum works for a rocket as long as we consider the rocket and its fuel to be one system, and account for the mass loss (from fuel) of the rocket.
  6. Conservation of Momentum
    *Important to get word for word*
    The total momentum of an isolated system of objects remains constant.
  7. Most Collisions...
    are neither elastic nor perfectly inelastic. They are just elastic. That is to say they are somewhere in between...
  8. Momentum is...
    conserved in ALL COLLISIONS.
  9. In elastic collisions...
    Kinetic Energy (KE) is conserved.
  10. In Inelastic Collisions (perfect or not)...
    energy is NOT conserved.
  11. Momentum
    vector force symbolized by the letter (p).
  12. Rate of Change of momentum is...
    • equal to ΣF.
    • (ΣF=Δp / Δt)
  13. Impulse-Momentum Theorem
    * plus examples of aplications*
    • FΔt = Δp OR FΔt = Δp = mV1- mV2
    • - Follow Through
    • - Increased contact when jumping
    • -Air Bags
  14. Impulse tells us...
    we can get the same change in momentum with a large force acting for a short time, or a small force acting for a longer time.
  15. When solving impulse/momentum problems, we...
    will use an AVERAGE FORCE.
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