Pharmacology 1

  1. A chemical substance that affects biologic systems
  2. A drug that combines with the receptor and produces an effect
  3. DEA
    Drug Enforcement Agency
  4. The most rapid drug response
    Intravenous Route
  5. ADME
    • Absorption
    • Distribution
    • Metabolism
    • Excretion
  6. The most common and popular route of drug administration
  7. The function of the amount of drug required to produce an effect
  8. The time it takes for a drug's effect to cease
  9. The maximum intensity of effect or response that can be produced by a drug
  10. The time it takes for a drug to reach its maximum response at the site of action
  11. The most important route of drug excretion
  12. The time it takes for a drug's effect to begin
  13. Counteracts the action of the agonist
  14. Chemical Equivalence
    When a drug meets the chemical and physical standards established by agencies
  15. Biological Equivalence
    When a drug produces similar concentrations of the drug in the blood and tissues
  16. Therapeutic Equivalence
    When a drug is proven to have an equal therapeutic effect in a clinical trail
  17. Brand/Trade Name
    • The official name of a drug when it is commercially marketed
    • Capitalized
  18. Generic Name
    • "Official" name
    • Not capitalized
  19. FDA
    • Food & Drug Administration
    • Responsible for protecting and promoting public health
    • It must be determined that a drug is both: safe & effective
  20. Human Studies Stages
    • Phase I: dosing & safety trails in healthy volunteers
    • Phase II: clinical efficacy & adverse effects of the drugs in humans
    • Phase III: a large scale trail that evaluates the safety and efficacy of the drugs in specific people who have the condition for which the drug is indicated
    • Phase IV: post marketing surveillance
  21. Intramuscular
    Into the muscle
  22. Subcutaneous
    Under the skin
  23. Intradermal
    Into the skin
  24. Intrathecal
    Directly into the spinal fluid
  25. Intraperitoneal
    Into the peritoneum or body cavity
  26. CYPs
    a major enzyme involved in drug metabolism
  27. THREE renal routes
    • Glomerular Filtration
    • Active Tubular Excretion
    • Passive Tubular Diffusion
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