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  1. John Brown
    Abolitionist seen as a murderer to the South and a hero in the North. Tried to start a slave uprising.
  2. 54th Massachusetts
    African american Regiment
  3. Republican
    Believed in rights for all races (Abraham Lincoln's party)
  4. Reasons for coming to the New World
    Religious freedom, desire fo rland, poverty in homeland, provide England with raw materials
  5. Patriots
    Colonists who Wanted to be separate form England
  6. Tea Act
    Tax on tea. Colonists boycotted and destroyed entire shipments of tea
  7. "Taxation without Representation"
    Only they could tax themselves...Not England
  8. Common Sense by Thomas Paine
    Critical in changing public opinion in Rev.
  9. French and Indian War
    Caused England to increase taxes due by the Colonists
  10. Declaration of Independence
    Rights are given by the governed. When the people don't agree with teh government they can abolish it, natural rights
  11. Articles of Confederation
    Failed becasue national government was too weak
  12. Bill of Rights
    guarantee basic individual rights
  13. Cabinet
    Established by Washington to help the new nation
  14. Alien and Sedition Act
    Cannot speak out against the government and limited foreigners from entering the US
  15. Federalists
    Favored national bank and a strong central government that favored the wealthy, Thomas Jefferson
  16. Democratic Republicans
    Wanted limited central government, favored strict interpretation of teh Constitution, and primarily focused on agriculture
  17. Political Parties
    Formed because of the differeing beliefs of Hamilton and Jefferson
  18. Washington Precident
    2 terms, federal power (Whiskey Rebellion), cabinet
  19. Marbury v. Madison
    Established Judicial Review
  20. Louisiana Purchase
    Bought for $15 million from France, Jefferson expanded the power of the President to purchase, Doubled U.S. in size
  21. Spoils System
    Exlected officials give supporters government jobs
  22. Jackson's Native American Policy
    Assimilate into U.S. culture or Move West
  23. Seneca Falls Convention (Declaration of Sentiments)
    Modeled after the Decalarion of Independence. Wanted equal rights for women.
  24. Temperance movement
    Ban the manufacture and sale of alcohol
  25. Dorotha Dix
    Helped the mentally ill
  26. Indian Removal Act
    Unconstitutional, however Jackson continued to enforce the act
  27. Corrupt Bargain
    Elected John Q. Adams to president in 1824
  28. Gold Rush
    California. Brought a diverse population to the area looking for riches
  29. Causes of War of 1812
    Election of warhawks, impressement of american seamen, protect Native land
  30. Results of War of 1812
    U.S. Nataionalism increased, relations with Britain improved, US stayed independent
  31. Westward Migration
    Increased opportunities for a better life
  32. Manifest Destiny
    Expansion of the United States from ocean to ocean
  33. Era of Good Feelings
    Monroe Doctrine, National Road, American system all show nationalism
  34. Monroe Doctrine
    Prevented European interference in the Western Hemisphere
  35. Jacksonian Democracy
    Make the government more responsible to the common man
  36. Popular Sovereignty
    People deside the rules of the state
  37. Cotton Gin
    Increased the need for slave work in the South, made slave labor more profitable
  38. Mexican War Result
    gained territory
  39. Texas Independence Problems
    possible war with Mexico, more slave states, more Southern power in COngress
  40. Missouri Compromise
    Temporary solution to the problem of slavery
  41. Sectionalism
    NOrthern part of the country was more industrial while the Southern part was more agricultural
  42. Compromise of 1850
    Caused a new stronger Fugative Slave Law (upset Abolitionists)
  43. Uncle Tom's Cabin
    Upset Southerners becasue they thought it was inaccurate
  44. Abolitionist movement
    Did not peacefully and immediately end slavery
  45. Kansas Nebraska Act
    Repealed the Missouri Compromise line
  46. Dred Scott
    Slavers were property
  47. South States Secede
    Want State's Rights
  48. Emancipation Proclamation
    Added freeing the slaves a main purpose of the war
  49. Secession
    South upset that Lincoln won the presidency without any Southern electoral votes
  50. Lincoln's Second Inaugural
    Fight to get rid of slavery
  51. Habeas Corpus
    cannot be jailed without reason. Suspended during Civil War. Balance of individual liberyt and national needs
  52. Compromise of 1877
    Removed troops from the South, End of Reconstruction
  53. Sharecropping
    Kept African Americans in the South in a cycle of poverty and debt
  54. Plessy v. Ferguson
    Seperate but equal
  55. Jim Crow Laws
    Segregated the South. Failure of Reconstruction
  56. Disenfranchisement
    Poll taxes, literacy tests, property requirements
  57. Death of the Buffalo
    Hurt tribal life on the Great Plains
  58. Muckrakers
    People who exposed problems in society in order to get reform
  59. Progreeisve Era Amendments
    Women's Suffrage (19), Direct Election of Senators (17), and Ban on the production of alcohol (18)
  60. Social Darwinism
    Survival of the Fittest, weak businesses should not get help
  61. Immigration in late 1800s
    Angel Island (East) and Ellis Island (West), needed money, literacy, and jobs
  62. Labor Unions
    Workers joined to improve their employment situations
  63. Mass production
    Increases the population of cities
  64. Progressives
    Helps consumer protections, corrupt government, and monopolies
  65. Federal Reserve System
    Regulating the money supply by setting interest rates
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