1. What are the signs and symptoms from a heroin overdose?
    Weakness, dizziness, fever, chills, and unresponsiveness or the pt maybe easy excited
  2. When people sniff glue or cement what are they inhaling?
    Halogenated hydrocarbons
  3. What are toxins, and where do they come from?
  4. How would you describe someone who takes speed?
    Hypertension, tachycardia and dilated pupils / irritability, anxiety, lack of concentration or seizures
  5. What can poison do to the body?
    harm it
  6. What should you ask a patient who has possible overdosed on pills?
  7. Whats the treatment for a person who swallowed drain cleaner?
    assess ABC's contact poison control/medical control
  8. Know about alchohol intoxication
    CNS depressant, sedative, hypnotic
  9. What condition can mimic intoxication?
    Diabetic, someone who just had a seizure, head trauma, toxic reactions, or hypoglycemia
  10. How fast can the body lose heat when in water?
    Im guessing 26x
  11. Gangrene?
    Permanent cell death, can occur when the tissue is frozen and certain chemical changes occur in the cells
  12. What condition would cause a pt to act violent?
    Diabetic, intoxicated,
  13. you run on a pt with stomuch pain, what the most important question to ask?
    How long , and has this ever happened before?
  14. Orthostatic hypotenion
    Standing up the bp goes down, try taking the bp when the pt is laying down first.
  15. Some young guy says he feels like his heart is jumping out of his chest. What do you want to ask him?
    How long ago?
  16. Someone falls over and is not breathing with no pulse, what do you do?
    AED follow the commands
  17. Someone who has slurred speech, diabetic and heart disease, what do you check?
    Check the feet/ankle
  18. What the most least important, pulse ox, vitals, o2
    Pulse ox
  19. Do we assess a pt with an AED
  20. Garage smells like gass and crap what do you want to consider
    Carbon monoxide poisoning, remove the pt!
  21. If you go on a call and the pt has no med hx.
    Baseline vitals
  22. Babys get what kind of oxygen
    Near the face with tubing/ blowby
  23. What happens in the first stage of labor
    Dilation of the cervix
  24. What does the placent do and what is it?
    Keeps the mother and fetus circulation seperate but allows nutrients, oxygen, waste, carbon dioxide and many toxins and most meds to pass between fetus and mother
  25. What the best way to check for crowning?
  26. What is placenta previa?
    The placenta develops over the cervix
  27. How do you control bleeding after the pt has had a baby?
    let the baby suckle, massage the fundas, apply a pad
  28. Pregnant pt that has to use the restroom what do you do?
    Check for crowning and let the pt know it maybe time.
  29. How do you count contractions?
    Begining of the first and begining of the next
  30. What are the risk of premature babies.?
    All of the above..
  31. What do we do once the baby is delivered?
    wrap the baby
  32. How can we tell if someone is having a head injury or mental illness
  33. When you have a problem with a crazy person always have what?
    CYA document and have a witness
  34. Suicide attempt should be taken?
  35. Hog tieing is never exceptable
    AS an emt
  36. Signs and symptoms of a potential violent pt?
    History, posture, The scene, vocal activity and physical activity
  37. On any call things to remember ?
    Personal safety is first
  38. Any psych call what do we want to know
    What the cause of the violence
  39. Diabetic calls mimic What
  40. What do you say to a behavorial pt
    Supportive comments
  41. When your trying to calm a pt down, use what method?
    Repeat everything they say
  42. How do cool off a pt who is over heated?
    Remove heavy clothing and place cool pack on neck, groin, armpits put O2
  43. Whats high body temp
  44. What is radiant heat
    Transfer of heat by radiant energy, radiant energy is a type of invisible light that transfers heat
  45. How do you lose and aquire radiant heat?
    standing near a fire, required. Standing in a cold room we can lose it.
  46. If a jelly fish stings you what do you put on it?
  47. Where do we lose the most heat out of our body?
  48. Locolized cold injury is what?
  49. How do you rewarm someone from hypothermia?
    Passive rewarming
  50. What is active rewarming?
    Placing heat into or on the body, which should never be done to a pt with hypothermia
  51. Why are old plp most effected to temp reg problems?
    They cant reg their temp
  52. What is Franks new name?
    Frank " The Vag" Baldadrama
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