us history ch 7

  1. the 1st cabient had 3 dept. heads; sect. of state, sect. of treasury, and sect. of war. what are the names and what dept. were they head of?
    • sect. of state - thomas jefferson
    • sect. of treasury - alexander hamilton
    • sect. of war - henry knox
  2. what are some the the main things hamilton and jefferson disagreed on?
    • hamilton - strong central govt. and the rule of the favored few
    • jefferson - self-govt. and freedom of individual
  3. what were the 2 key componets of hamliton's masterplan for the treasury?
    • 1. funding at par and assumption of state debt
    • 2. est. a national bank (BUS)
  4. who (2) opposed hamiltons plan for the treasury but agreed for exchange of ___?
    • madison and jefferson
    • agreement to support it in est. a new federal city in the south, washington, d.c.
  5. what were hamilton and jefferson disagreements in foreign affairs when france and england went to war? ultimately giving birth to political parties in the u.s.
    • hamilton sided w/ english
    • jefferson sided w/ french
  6. who won the presidential election in 1796 by 3 electoral votes?
    john adams
  7. under john adams presidencey, what laws were passed to weaken his opponets, the jeffersonians? (2)
    • 1 raised residency requirements for citizenship from 5yrs to 14
    • 2 sedition act
  8. what is the sedition act? and what happened to it?
    • anyone who impededthe polices of the govt. or falesly defamed its officials would be liable to a heavy fine and imprisonment
    • conflicted w/ 1st amendment but ok'd by supreme court. this expired in 1801
  9. what did hamliton beleive about a limited national debt?
    that it was good because the nations we owned money to would work hard to make sure we were a succes
  10. the 'ideal citizen' was an independent farmer according to which political party?
    jeffersoian republicans
  11. adams and the federalist biggest problem in the electon of 1800 was the fact that...
    adams refused to goto war w/ the french
  12. whos major contribution as a president was keeping the nation out of foreign wars?
    george washington
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