1. What was the economic situation in the US at the end of the war?
  2. When was the first red scare in the US? Why did it happen then?
  3. What were the Palmer Raids? Why did they happen? What was the result?
  4. What was the Great Migration?
  5. Why were there race riots in the latter 1910's? What were the "red summers"? Where was the biggest race riot?
  6. Why did the KKK start up again in the 1910's? Where did they do this? Where did they grow?
  7. What was the Emergency Immigration Act (1921)? What quotas did it establish?
  8. How was the National Origins Act (1924) different from the act found in #7? What were the quotas based on, and what was the percent? How low did immigration drop?
  9. What did the 19th Amendment do? When was it ratified?
  10. Who were "flappers", and how did they challenge traditional society?
  11. When campaigning, what did Hoover say he could see the end of in the US?
  12. What were the problems with the stock market in the late 1920's?
  13. What was "Black Tuesday"? What month and year?
  14. What were the problems with the American Economy in the 1920's?
  15. How bad was unemployment in the 1930's (roughly, how high and average %)?
  16. What was the "Dust Bowl"? Where? When? Who were the Okies and Arkies?
  17. What was the Agricultural Marketing Act (1929)?
  18. What were tariffs? What was the Hawley-Smoot Tariff (1930)?
  19. What was the Dawes Plan (1924)? Who did it affect? How did it partly cause a chain reaction once the Depression hit?
  20. What was the "Bonus Army"? What did they want? How were they dealt with?
  21. What were the "Fireside Chats"?
  22. What was the Emergency Banking Act? When? What did it do?
  23. What was the Agricultural Adjustment Act (AAA, 1933)? What did it do? What were its flaws? Why and when did it end?
  24. What was the National Recovery Act (NRA, 1933) and National Recovery Administration? What did it do? What were its flaws? Why and when did it end?
  25. What did the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA, 1933) do?
  26. What did the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC, 1933) do? What were the advantages and disadvantages?
  27. Who was Dr. Francis E. Townsend, and what was his plan?
  28. Who was Father Charles E. Coughlin? How did he rise to fame? What, generally, did he want to do?
  29. Who was Huey P. Long? Where did he come from? What offices did he serve in? What was his program, and what did it intend to do?
  30. How was the "Second New Deal" different from the first?
  31. What was the Social Security Act (1935), and what did it establish?
  32. What was the Works Progress Administration (WPA, 1935)? What kinds of things did they do (including activities of the branches)?
  33. Why was Chiang Kai-Shek a threat to the Japanese? What did each side want with Manchuria?
  34. What was the Mukden Incident (1931)?
  35. When did Hitler come to power? How did he consolidate power (Reichstag fire, Enabling Act, banned other parties)?
  36. What did the Neutrality Acts of 1935, 1936, and 1937 do?
  37. Who were the Axis powers in WWI?
  38. What was the Rape of Nanking (1937)?
  39. Describe the episode involving the Panay?
  40. Why did Chamberlain and Hitler meet in Munich? What is appeasement (in this case)?
  41. When did WWII begin? Why?
    September 1, 1939. Germany invaded Poland. Brit and France declare war on Germ.
  42. What was the Battle of Britain? What happened?
    German air raid on UK. Germ bombs important areas. Brit bombs French capitol, Berlin. Germ bombs London for 56 straight nights. Brit outnumbered 4-1...but takes down 2-1. Brit wins, but bankrupted.
  43. What was Lend-Lease? How did it work?
    Plan to eliminate cash aspect of buying weapons. President could lend arms to nations "vital to the defense of the US" if weapons were returned at end of fighting.
  44. What was the Atlantic Charter?
    FDR & Churchill's agreement to destroy Nazi Tyranny. Gave broad goals of the war.
  45. Who was Tojo? What did this man believe about the character of Americans?
    Japanese Prime Minister. US had weak will & was timid.
  46. Who engineered the attack on Pearl Harbor? Why did he not want to attack the US?
    Isoroku Yamamoto. Harvard grad & US ambassador. Knew US was powerful.
  47. What were some other places that the US believed would be attacked December 1941?
    Philippines, Panama, California
  48. When did Pearl Harbor happen?
    December 7, 1941 - 7:55 AM
  49. What happened on the Arizona?
    Jap. hit ammunition on board. 3 decks collapsed accordion style. 1000 men were trapped alive underwater till Christmas (17 days). Only 30 survived.
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