social psych 2

  1. cultural orientationin which interdependence, cooeration and social harmony take priority over personal goals
  2. changes in behavior that are elicited by direct requests
  3. tendency tochange our perceptions, opinions, or behavior in ways that are consistent w group norms
  4. 2-step compliance technique in which an influencer prefaces the real request w one that is so large that it is rejected
    door in the face
  5. 2-step compliance technique in which an influencer sets the stage for the real request by first getting a person to comply w a much smaller request
    foot in the door
  6. interpersonal "credits" that a person earns by following group normns
    idiosyncrasy credits
  7. cultural orientation in which independence, autonomy, and self-reliance take priority over group allegiances
  8. influence that produces conformity when a person believes others are correct in their judgements
    informational influence
  9. 2-step compliance technique in which the influencer secures agreement w a request but then increases the size of that request by revealing hidden costs
    low balling
  10. process by which dissenters produce change w/ in a group
    minority influence
  11. behavior change produced by the commands of authority
  12. change of beliefs that occurs when a person privately accepts the position taken by others
    private conformity
  13. superficial change in overt behavior, w/ out a corresponding change of opinion, produced by real or imagined group pressure.
    public conformity
  14. thoery that social influences depends on the strength, immediacy, and number of source persons relative to target persons
    social impact theory
  15. 2-step compliance technique in which the influencer begins w an inflated request, then decreases its apparent size by offering a discount or bonus
    thats not all
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