AP World- Ch. 19 Vocab

  1. Ferdinand of Aragon
    Along with Isabella of Castile, monarch of largest Christian kingdoms in Iberia; marriage to Isabella created united Spain; responsible for reconquest of Granada, initiation of exploration of New World
  2. Isabella of Castile
    Along with Ferdinand of Aragon, monarch of largest Christian kingdoms in Iberia; marriage to Ferdinand created united Spain; responsible for reconquest of Granada, initiation of exploration of New World
  3. Hispaniola
    First island in Caribbean settled by Spaniards; settlement founded by Columbus on second voyage to New World; Spanish base of operations for further discoveries in New World
  4. Bartolome de las Casas
    Dominican friar who supported peaceful conversion of the Native American population of the Spanish colonies; opposed forced labor and advocated Indian rights
  5. Hernan Cortes
    Led expedition of 600 to coast of Mexico in 1519; conquistador responsible for defeat of Aztec Empire; captured Tenochtitlan
  6. Moctezuma II
    Last independent Aztec emperor; killed during Hernán Cortés' conquest of Tenochtitlan
  7. Mexico City
    Capital of New Spain; built on ruins of Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan
  8. Francisco Vazquez de Coronado
    Leader of Spanish expedition into northern frontier region of New Spain; entered what is now United States in search of mythical cities of gold
  9. Haciendas
    Rural estates in Spanish colonies in New World; produced agricultural products for consumers in America; basis of wealth and power for local aristocracy
  10. Galleons
    Large, heavily armed ships used to carry silver from New World colonies to Spain; basis for convoy system utilized by Spain for transportation of bullion
  11. Treaty of Tordesillas
    Signed in 1494 between Castile and Portugal; clarified spheres of influence and rights of possession in New World; reserved Brazil and all newly discovered lands east of Brazil to Portugal; granted all lands west of Brazil to Spain
  12. Council of the Indies
    Body within the Castilian government that issued all laws and advised king on all matters dealing with the Spanish colonies of the New World
  13. Viceroyalties
    Two major divisions of Spanish colonies in New World; one based in Lima; the other in Mexico City; direct representatives of the King
  14. Pedro Alvares Cabral
    Portuguese leader of an expedition to India; blown off course in 1500 and landed in Brazil
  15. Rio de Janeiro
    Brazilian port; close to mines of Minas Gerais; importance grew with gold strikes; became colonial capital in 1763
  16. Peninsulares
    People living in the New World Spanish colonies but born in Spain
  17. Creoles
    Whites born in the New World; dominated local Latin American economies; ranked just beneath peninsulares
  18. War of the Spanish Succession
    Resulted from Bourbon family's succession to Spanish throne in 1701; ended by Treaty of Utrecht in 1713; resulted in recognition of Bourbons, loss of some lands, grants of commercial rights to English and French
  19. Treaty of Utrecht
    a series of individual peace treaties, rather than a single document, signed by the belligerents in the War of Spanish Succession, in the Dutch city of Utrecht in March and April 1713
  20. Charles III
    Spanish enlightened monarch; ruled from 1759 to 1788; instituted fiscal, administrative, and military reforms in Spain and its empire
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