1. what top shelf vodkas do we offer?
    grey goose, stoli, russian standard, kettle one, 3 olives
  2. what flavors of grey goose vodka do we carry?
    goose pear, goose citron, goose orange
  3. what flavors of 3 olive vodka do we carry?
    berry, bubble, cherry, chocolate, citrus, cake, dude, espresso, grape, mango, orange, pomegranate, purple, rangtang, raspberry, root beer, vanilla, watermealon
  4. what flavors of stoli vodka do we carry?
    blueberry, blackberry, choc. raspberry, citrus, cranberry, apple, orange, peach, raspberry, strawberry, vanilla, pomegranate, cherry
  5. what rums do we offer?
    coconut, kraken, captian morgan, myers, salior jerry, bacardi
  6. what types of bacardi do we carry?
    artic grape, dragonberry, gold, limon, oak spiced, torch cherry, razz, select
  7. what top shelf gins do we carry?
    bombay, bombay saphire, tanquery, beefeater
  8. what types of tequila do we offer?
    milagro silver, don julio silver, 1800 silver, 1800 reposado, avion silver, avion reposado, avion anejo, patron silver, corzo silver, cuervo gold
  9. what brands of top shelf whiskey do we carry?
    gentleman jack, jack single barrel, woodford reserve, crown royal, crown black, knob creek, makers mark
  10. what brands of whiskey do we carry? (not top shelf)
    jack daniels, jack honey, southern comfort, soco firey pepper, canadian club, jameson, jim beam, segrams 7
  11. what brands of scotch do we carry that are top shelf?
    glenfiddich, glenlivet, glenmorangle, johnny walker black, johnny walker red, johhny walker blue
  12. what brands of scotch do we carry? (not top shelf)
    dewars, chivas 12yr, dalmore
  13. what 2 cognacs do we offer?
    courvoisier VS, hennessy VS
  14. what brands of cordials do we carry?
    campari, cointreau, disaronno, chambord, drambule, galliano, frangelico, goldschlager, gran marnier, jagermeister, rumpleminz, sambuca black, sambuca romana
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