Unit 7 Vocab

  1. Tacit
    • (ADJ) implied or indicated but not actually expressed.
    • EX: Management has given tacet (tacit?) approval to the plan (Taciturn = quiet)
  2. Salacious
    • (ADJ) lustful; marked by lecherousness or lewdness
    • EX: The author merely dredged up past rumors about the former 1st lady & stitche them together into a salacious narrative
  3. Verisimilitude
    • (NOUN) appearance or semblance of truth.
    • EX: By using his real name, O'Brian lends verisimilitude to the Things They Carried
  4. Discursive
    (ADJ) wandering, rambling
  5. Chimera
    (NOUN) a horrible or unreal creature of the imagination; a vain or idle fancy. (k-im-er-a) ALSO a mythological, fire-breathing monster. Lion's head, goat's body, serpent's tail.
  6. Bellicose
    • (ADJ) war-like; eager to fight; aggressively hostile
    • *Bellona was a little-kown Roman Goddess of war
  7. Blighted
    • (ADJ) withered or destroyed
    • EX: adj- The mayor submitted a proposal to help the blighted urban districts
    • noun- Extravagance was the blight of the family
    • very- Frost blighted the crops
  8. Assiduous
    • (ADJ) constant; unremitting
    • EX: Her assiduous emailing resulted in everyone ignoring her messages.
    • She showed her assiduous affection
  9. Desiccate
    (VERB) to dry up
  10. Epicurean
    (ADJ) devoted to the pursuit of pleasure, especially to the enjoyment of good food and comfort
  11. Narrative Pace
    speed at which an author tells a story; the movement from one point or section to another (Poisonwood is slow, thoughtful)
  12. Naive Narrator
    A narrator who is uncomprehending (child, simple-minded) who narrates the story w/o realizing its true implications.
  13. Protagonist
    Central character in a story - usually the hero or heroine but not always
  14. Prosody
    study of sound & rhythme in poetry
  15. Omniscient Narrator
    3rd person narrator who knows all (godlike) (Pride & Predjudice)
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Unit 7 Vocab
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