AP World- Ch. 7 Vocab

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  1. Al-Mahdi
    3rd of the Abbasid caliphs; attempted but failed to reconcile moderates among Shia to Abbasid Dynasty; failed to resolve problem of succession
  2. Harun al-Rashid
    Most famous Abbasid caliph, renowned for costly living and dependent on Persian advisors; death led to civil wars over succession
  3. Seljuk Turks
    Nomadic invaders from central Asia via Persia
  4. Ottoman Empire
    Turkic empire established in Asia minor and eventually extending throughout ME
  5. Crusades
    series of military adventures to restore Holy Land to the Christians
  6. Saladin
    Muslim leader in the last decades of the 12th century; reconquered most of the crusader outposts for Islam
  7. Sufis
    Mystics within Islam; responsible for expansion of Islam to SE Asia
  8. Mongols
    Central Asian Nomadic people; smashed Turko-Persian kingdoms; captured Baghdad in 1258 and killed last Abbasid caliph
  9. Chinggis Khan
    Born in 1170s, elected khagan of all Mongol tribes in 1206, responsible for conquest of northern kingdoms of China, territories as far west as the Abbasid regions; died in 1227 prior to conquest of most Islamic World
  10. Hulegu
    grandson of Chinggis Khan; responsible for capture and destruction of Baghdad
  11. Malacca
    Portuguese factory or fortified trade town on the tip of the Malayan peninsula; a center for trade among SE Asian islands
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