ASL Ch. 2

  1. After
  2. Afternoon
  3. All (1)
    nondominant 'open B' palm in, dominant 'open B' palm out, flip to palm toward you
  4. All (2)
    fingerspelled loan sign, slide from 'A' to 'L'
  5. Always
    draw circle with 'index' palm up (don't bend wrist)
  6. Any
    dominant 'open A' draws 'C' in air (palm up --> down)
  7. April
  8. august
  9. Before (in sequence)
    'angled hands,' palms in, move dominant hand toward you
  10. Before (in time)
    'open B,' palm in, wave over dominant shoulder
  11. Birthday
  12. Daily
    brush cheek with 'open A'
  13. Day
  14. December
  15. Each
    knuckles of dominant 'A' brush down thumb of nondominant 'A'
  16. Early
    middle finger of dominant '8' goes across nondominant 'S' twice
  17. Every
    knuckles of odminant 'A' brush down thumb of nondominant 'A' twice
  18. Everyday
    sign "daily"
  19. Fall
  20. February
  21. Friday
  22. Hour
  23. January
  24. July
  25. June
  26. Late
    dominant 'open B,' palm in, move back once
  27. Later
    dominant 'L' in nondominant palm, rotate clockwise
  28. Long time ago
  29. Many
    flick fingers from 2 'S's' to 'open 5's' palms up
  30. March
  31. May
  32. Midnight
  33. Minute
  34. Monday
  35. Month
    with dominant 'index' palm in, move down nondominant 'index' palm out
  36. Morning
  37. Never
    squiggle 'open B' downward
  38. Night
    dominant 'angled hand' tapes nondominant 'angled hand,' palms down
  39. None
    'O's' push out
  40. Noon
  41. Not yet
    dominant 'open B,' palm in, move back and forth
  42. Nothing
    'bud' under chin to 'open 5'
  43. November
  44. Now
  45. October
  46. Often
    fingertips of dominant 'angled hand' touch heel, palm, and tip of nondominant 'open B,' palm to side
  47. Only
    move 'index' in small circle
  48. Other
    (another) 'open A' palm down to palm up
  49. Recently
    bent 'index' scratches cheek, palm in
  50. Saturday
  51. Second (in time)
    fingerspell S-E-C
  52. Second (in a list)
    with middle finger of "2" touch nondominant thumb
  53. Second (in a line)
    sign "2" and twist
  54. September
  55. Some
    edge of dominant 'open B' mimes slicing fingers of nondomionant 'open B'
  56. Sometimes
    dominant 'index,' palm toward you, circles on nondominant palm
  57. Soon
    dominant 'H' slides back and forth on edge of nondominant 'H'
  58. spring
  59. Summer
  60. Sunday
  61. Then
    with 'index' of dominant hand, slide on nondominant 'L' from tip of index to thumb and back again
  62. Thursday
  63. Time
    point to a watch or wrist at watch area
  64. Time (period or era)
    dominant 'T' circles and hits nondominant palm to side
  65. Today (2)
  66. Tomorrow
    with palm toward face, touch thumb of 'open A' to cheek and move out
  67. Tuesday
  68. Wednesday
  69. Week
  70. Weekend
  71. Winter
  72. Year
    dominant 'S' circles nondominant 'S,' lands on top
  73. Yesterday
    'open A,' thumb touch side of chin and move back to side of cheek
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