1. The most fundamental components of designing a training program. They determine the amount of stress placed on the body and ultimately what adaptations the body will incur. Important components that specify how each exercise is to be performed.
    Acute variables
  2. Creating a purposeful system or plan to achieve a specific goal
    Program design
  3. One complete movementof a particular exercise
  4. A group of consecutive repetitions
  5. An individuals level of effort, compared with their maximal effort with is usually expressed as a percentage.
    Training Intensity
  6. Refers to the speed with which each repetition is performed.
    Repetition Tempo
  7. The time taken to recuperate between sets or exercises and has a dramatic effect on the outcome of the training program.
    Rest Interval
  8. A rest interval of ____ will allow approximately 50% recovery of ATP and CP.
    20-30 sec
  9. A rest interval of 40 sec will allow approximately ___% of ATP and CP.
  10. A rest interval of 60 seconds will allow approx ___% of ATP and CP recovery.
  11. A rest interval of 3 min will allow ____ % recovery of ATP and CP
  12. The total amount of work performed within a specified time
    Training volume
  13. Training volume is always____________________.
    inversely related to intensity
  14. Refers to the number of training sessions that are performed during a given period
    Training frequency
  15. The timeframe from the start of the workout to the finish of the workout, including the warm-up or cool down

    The length of time (number of weeks) spent in one phase (or period) of training.
    Training duration
  16. The process of choosing exercises for program design that allow for the optimal achievement of the desired adaptation. It has tremendous impact on the outcome of the training program.
    Exercise selection
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